This book selection was updated on December 04th, 2023.

Broken Cowboy

~ RONE Award Finalist & Global Book Awards Winner! ~ One-time city-girl, Addie Malory, needs help on her ranch. Lifelong cowboy, Cade Brody, needs a job. Neither of them expects to find love. When looming danger finally strikes, can Cade save Addie before its too late? Get your copy of this series-starter that’ll have you swooning and keep you guessing until the HEA end! …Do not miss a fantastic start to what promises to be an awesome series. ~ InDtale Magazine $0.99 on Kindle.... [Read More...]

Sigils of Malice

In the early 20th century Imperial Capital of Grace, the Clayton Enchanted Extravaganza arrives, starring Thalia Clayton, the Mighty Beast Woman. As disappearances are happening around Grace suddenly affect the travelling show, Thalia gets mixed into dark secrets hiding above and below the cliffside capital while she tries to protect her strange family. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Whiskey and Suicide

Whiskey and Suicide paints a kaleidoscope of myriad emotions of the Indian middle class families. In a very informal storytelling style, it narrates the dilemmas of the urban families in dealing with the conflicting emotions arising due to contradictory desires. It is the bonds of family and friendship that allow the protagonists to deal with these crises which are depicted by Manik Bal in a detached but empathetic narrative style reminiscent of the great slice of life storytellers of the east ... [Read More...]

Arranged by the Mafia

My innocent wife has no idea shes in for a broken heart before I even put a ring on her dainty finger. As the younger mafia heir, Ive lived a life of leisure. I had my fun and my share of women dropping at my feet Until a threat appeared in the shape of a powerful kingpin and now Im suddenly being forced to marry the enemys daughter in a sham wedding. Its not just my family vendetta holding me back. I have a deep rooted resentment for the OShea family, and their daughter Finley is nothing but a... [Read More...]

How to Leave Bitcoin to Your Heirs: A simple inheritance plan for your self-custody bitcoin

This easy-to-read guide answers all your questions about setting up an inheritance plan for your self-custody bitcoin: – How will my bitcoin transfer to my heirs when I die? – How do I make sure my heirs will actually receive my bitcoin? – What is a bitcoin inheritance plan, and how can I make one? – How can I simplify my plan so that it will actually exist (and work)? – When should I make my plan? – How much will it cost? – And much more $0.99 on Kindl... [Read More...]

Cherish Me Forever

What starts as a pretend romance soon turns into so much more… Newly divorced Dominic Waldorf is the most coveted bachelor in Chicago. At least, thats what he thinks. Id describe him as more of a Neanderthal with a really nice backside. When I accidentally spill champagne on him at a charity event, he accuses me of hitting on him. Then later, I run into him in an empty coat room, and he’s convinced. The truth is even more embarrassing. Im hiding from my ex-fiance, who showed up with... [Read More...]

Free Worlds Complete Series Boxed Set

George Dane was the hero of the last war on Earth. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet as security chief for humanity’s first interstellar colony mission. After over a century in stasis, the colonists are shocked to find their new home is completely covered by oceans. Upon landing, they discover they are not alone… Will the colonists be able to survive on the world they have been sent to? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Precursor Silicon

Embark on a captivating journey through “Precursor Silicon,” a thought-provoking science fiction short story by John Iovine that will challenge your perceptions of life and evolution. In a world where the discovery of carbon life forms has stirred a whirlwind of scientific, ethical, and existential questions, this book delves deep into the implications of such a groundbreaking finding. Follow PD4T, a character navigating a complex legal and scientific landscape, as he presents a car... [Read More...]

Renegades Volume 1: Rise

An intense action packed sci-fi fantasy super hero story set in an alternate dimension featuring giant robots, aliens with water-bending powers, and cyborg ninjas. As the world of Terra celebrates a new found peace following a decade long global war, a radical pro human terrorist group led by a dangerous, sadistic man named Ivan seeks to eradicate all non humans. In order to complete his goal, he and his men are searching for a weapon shrouded in mystery called Project L. Rising to challenge hi... [Read More...]

Free: Short Italian Stories for Beginners: Learn Beginner Italian With 20 Exciting Tales!

Embark on an exciting journey to learning Italian with 20 engaging short stories! Whether you’re a young learner or an adult, our book promises a thrilling adventure into the Italian-speaking world. These 20 short stories extend a wide range of subjects, including bright colors, fascinating animals, bustling professions, and mouthwatering culinary experiences. As you dive into these engaging narratives, you’ll effortlessly pick up new vocabulary, grasp essential grammar concepts, an... [Read More...]

Free: Wall Pilates Workout for Women

Are you dreaming of having a lean or snatched body but too occupied to search the how-tos? I understand that feeling because I was in the same situation before. Hence, this step-by-step book is a godsend! From abs to glutes these guided illustrations are the best companion in your journey to realize your dream. Grab it now and work those muscles! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Rancher Daddies

When I caught my fiance cheating on me With my maid of honor On our wedding day I ran away And now Im the nanny for three silver fox ranchers. Left with nothing but my wedding dress, I look for a soft place to lay my head. But what I find instead are three tough ranch brothers With broad shoulders to cry on. And rock-hard bodies to die for. All silver foxes. All rugged ex-Navy SEALs. And all as equally devoted to my wellbeing As I am to their two adorable little kids. Will we ride into the suns... [Read More...]

It Was Never Meant to Be

Note to self never fall in love with two brothers. In my opinion, love is overrated but downright wet and hot when sparks fly. Falling in love with two brothers was not my plan, but I did not avoid or stop it. I let things happen as they may. In my defense, I was not with them at the same time. But regardless, that was short-lived once they found out I had dated both of them. Ben and Liam are both attractive and above average in size, if you get my meaning. Liam is a military boy, muscular, wil... [Read More...]

Memory Lost: Book 1 of The Memory Trilogy

Cooper Hadley has made it to the top in his underground worldhes the Security Chief of the Tunnel Corps as well as a Patrician, the most privileged class in the kingdom. But when politics force him to marry, he needs a bride. The perfect candidate is Wye Boterohis one-time best friend. But Wye’s a Drone, a member of the lowest class, and she has hated privileged Cooper for ten long, lonely years, ever since he threatened to have her recycled. Permanently. Wye is hiding a terrible secret a... [Read More...]

Leaders Look Within: Own Your Heart to Live a Life of Gratitude

Dig deep to understand whats in your heart to help you unleash the true leader spirit inside of you. CEO Brent Pohlman shows you how to achieve the business role you dream of by focusing on how to be a good leader through self-examination and gratitude. His inspirational guide includes management habits and practical lessons you can apply to change your work and personal life for the better. Leaders Look Within will take you on a smart, reflective journey and convince you that the only way to l... [Read More...]

Smoky Mountain Romance

Love and romance, family and holidays, pets and rescues four stories with a community of characters living in the fictional town of Laurel, North Carolina. The Smoky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for falling in love. Travel to the mountains where wholesome stories and heartwarming families show us what is most in important. $2.99 each on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Babies in Twinkle Falls

When Kylee Croft rushed out of Angelcakes Cafe without paying her bill, little did she know the woman who chased, and hired, her could be the key to her pasta past her mum took to the grave. Raised as an only child in Chantilly, France, by a single mum, Kylee was told that her father had died soon after she was born. While going through her mums belongings months after her unexpected passing, Kylee uncovered the biggest secret of her mummys life. Traveling to Twinkle Falls, Vermont, in hopes of... [Read More...]


Im called many things: owner of the MLBs Charleston Hurricanes, perpetual bachelor, and the biggest asshole this side of home plate. Ive never had a problem with that. Until now. My infamous temper has landed me in serious trouble, and now Im at risk of losing the baseball team I love. The answer to my salvation is a mandated life coach. I have to complete three months of anger management sessions or I can kiss my ownership status goodbye. Sounds easy. Follow the rules and do whatever the coach... [Read More...]

Unprotected: A Clean, Small-Town, Family Drama

The United States government seeks to strip American citizens of their constitutional right to bear arms. For months, the nation has heard the talk but most never thought it would happen. Now that it has, the clock is ticking until everyone must relinquish their guns, rendering them helpless to protect themselves. Soon, the country watches in horror as cities fall prey to rioting and looting. Lawless hordes rush to burn landmark institutions to the ground, destroying untold numbers of innocent ... [Read More...]

Free: Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

The book Alpha Lipoic Acid is a comprehensive exploration of this potent antioxidant. This meticulously researched guide unveils the benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), a naturally occurring compound that bolsters energy, sharpens cognitive function, and fortifies cardiovascular health. Chapter by chapter, you’ll be enlightened on how ALA’s unique water and fat-soluble properties enable it to neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and combat chronic diseases. At... [Read More...]

Free: 40 Explicit Taboo Stories – Dirty Steamy Hot Short Erotica

40 Naughty Short, Kinky Stories Bundle This 40-book collection is packed with all the sweet hot pleasures that will have you soaking wet from naughty off-limits brats to hot billoinaire bsdm, taboo age-gap, and ff seductions, just the right amount of spicy and dirty. Download now and enjoy Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Christmas Ring

Hannah Sinclair’s life takes a thrilling turn when she inherits Timeless Treasures, a quaint antique shop. There, she meets Jacob Miller, a firefighter with a mysterious past. Together, they unearth an ancient ring, embarking on a quest across Abingdon to Charlotte to reveal its secrets. Amidst rising tensions and rekindled emotions, they confront a forgotten romance. Will their journey through time lead to love or loss? Dive into ‘The Christmas Ring,’ where love echoes throug... [Read More...]

A Man On A Mission

An unexpected connection blossomed between me and Frank, a mid-life military man, through letters that sparked an intense attraction. When he suddenly arrived at my door, our bond deepened, but his dangerous past caught up, leading to his abrupt departure. Hoping to bring him back, I had a crucial truth to share, unwilling to let go of what we had. Will my revelation be enough to reunite us, or have our paths diverged for good? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Cleopatra’s Needle: Maelstrom

When a gang of drunken skinheads vandalize Central Park’s Cleopatra’s Needle obelisk, they set off an unearthly chain of events. An ancient alien organism, dormant for centuries, is unleashed and threatens to consume the city, the country, and the world. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of Captain Charles Biggs Mosley of the NYPD, US Military, and the nation’s most renowned virologists. Will they be able to save the world in time, or will the darkness of the Maelstrom c... [Read More...]


The Vegas Aces could’ve hired anyone as their head coach, but they chose Lincoln Nash, son of my father’s worst enemy…and the man who was my first back when we were teenagers. A family feud may have torn us apart, but the biggest rivalry of all is going to be keeping my job as team correspondent as I fight my feelings for the new coach. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: One Year of Thankful Thursdays

Hustle! Go get it! This is your moment! So many of our moments are caught up in trying to figure out what to do next according to the world’s latest desire or trend. This can become truly exhausting and overwhelming. What if we decided to take control of the narrative by changing the paradigm completely. What if the hustle and constant movement have actually derailed us from the joy that is possible? What if slowing down the pace, just for a second, allows you the space to notice, maybe f... [Read More...]

Free: The Real Estate Playbook for Pro Athletes

It’s time to stop the rags to riches to rags narrative around athletes We all know the sad stories of lost fortunes. The most expensive asset you will buy is real estate. The difference between financial ruin and true wealth is simple: obtain the knowledge to make the right real estate decisions. This is your real estate playbook, and with it you will create your very own rags to a lifetime of riches story. Ready? When you retire, dont you want to have steady income you can rely upon for ... [Read More...]

Free: Master Griffin: The Woods

An old prophecy that is yet to unfold. A Dark Master that remains undefeated. A young boy whose life will never be the same. After living in the dark for most of his life, 15-year-old Griffin finally runs away from his abusive uncle with his cat, Spooky, and discovers the hollow earth after falling into a portal. He meets the Eye who becomes his mentor, tells him his role in the old prophecy, and trains him how to use his powers and wield the sword of his ancestors. But even with his training a... [Read More...]

Free: Jordyn

In her senior year at Coleman High School, Jordyn Williams embarks on a crash course in the unforgiving world of adulthood. Juggling the hectic demands of school, sports, and work, Jordyn often finds herself at her wits end. These challenges intensify as Jordyn befriends Tamera, a new schoolmate who finds herself the target of a ruthless bully. Bent on helping, Jordyn comes to Tameras aid and takes the younger girl under her wing. Her act of kindness and bravery radiates through the school. See... [Read More...]

Christmas with Four Tattoo Artists

Four Scorching Tattoo Artists. One truly unforgettable Christmas. Working at a tattoo studio is everything and more. Graffiti walls. Pulsating music. And four insanely HOT bosses. Everything about them brings me to life. Pierced tongues, playful smirks, and larger than life personalities. My virgin skin becomes a canvas that ignites their fire… And the orders they give me leaves me weak in the knees. But as I’m drawn deeper into their world of ink, sin, and danger… A fierce bi... [Read More...]

Guardian of Monsters (Sleuths of Shadow Salon Book 1)

Supernaturally on the case! Celestine LeBlanc and Luna Finley are the Sleuths of Shadow Salon. Celestine, a witch with a talent for prophetic drawings is shocked when she draws her landlord Ray with his eyes gouged out and a winged-mermaid by him. Soon, he turns up dead. All she wanted was open a gallery, but first she must apprehend his killer. In a note, Ray revealed he was actually a supernatural pirate mage. Years back, his Jekyll crew trapped the evil Demon Three Eyes clan. Ray feared they... [Read More...]

Santa Clay

Meg Mott, lover of all things Christmas, scrapes together a meager heap of gifts for her family. Although they are grieving the loss of their Christmas-crazed parents, Meg and her sisters (named for Christmas spices) enlist friends and an unlikely Santa to provide Christmas for a needy family, but can they pull off a magical Christmas just a few days before the big day? Add in some romance, a nosy neighbor whos determined to spoil everything, and gifts from beyond the grave, and Santa Clay may ... [Read More...]

The Deseret Reckoning

“This irresistible novel manages the curious trick of making the reader want to stand up and cheer… A transformative tale of personal reinvention from a masterful storyteller.” – Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Star) “… a thoughtful but well-paced adventure… raising the stakes, right till the end. This novel is as much a journey of self discovery and newfound determination as it is a quest for retracing a historical trail.” –BookLife Susan Kingsley i... [Read More...]

Winter’s Reckoning

Forty-six-year-old Madeline Fairbanks has no use for ideas like “separation of the races” or “men as the superior sex.” There are many in her dying Southern Appalachian town who are upset by her socially progressive views, but for years—partly due to her late husband’s still-powerful influence, and partly due to her skill as a healer in a remote town with no doctor of its own—folks have been willing to turn a blind eye to her “transgressions.” Even Maddie’s decision to take ... [Read More...]