This book selection was updated on October 04th, 2022.

Free: Exodus, The Passover Story

  Rhyming Bible stories One day, Pharaoh’s daughter bathed in the stream. Did she see a basket, or was it just a dream? No! She heard a baby, and it softly cried, so the Egyptian princess ran to look inside. “It’s a baby!” she told her maidens with surprise and fell in love with the baby who looked very wise. She took the baby; it was against her father’s law, but a baby couldn’t live in a basket made of straw. Read less Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Private Player

The first time I meet Madison Shore, I’m greeted by her knickers. She’s upside down and trying to untangle herself from my chair at a wedding. I get to see a whole lot more of her later that night. The second time I meet Madison Shore is in my London office. Turns out she’s a journalist writing an article about me. To keep control of my company, I need to convince people I’m more serious about business than my playboy reputation suggests. Madison holds my future in her hands. Now I just... [Read More...]

Arrangement with the Alien Prince

I’m in desperate need of a husband. How convenient that one just crash-landed in my backyard… Life is hard enough on this planet for a single woman since the war between the humans and the aliens broke out. It’s about to get worse. I’m facing two choices. Either I produce a husband within a year, or I watch the government seize my property and kick me to the curb. Sure, the wounded alien at my door is cocky, hot-headed, and rough around the edges, but he’s sexy and strangely prote... [Read More...]

Candles Over the Septic Tank

Grandma Edith’s hobbies are playing poker, eight-ball pool, and driving telephone scammers to hang up on her. Her granddaughter-in-law, Marcie, has a husband who won’t go away; he thinks the “ex” stands for kisses. When the two women set out to find Grandma Edith’s missing money, their unorthodox methods often produce unexpected and laugh-out-loud funny results. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Murder in the Atchafalaya

A lot of things can kill you in the Louisiana swamps, not the least of which are water moccasins, alligators, and maybe even something unworldly called a Rougarou. But as the body count rises in this jambalaya mystery, it becomes apparent that the increasing death toll is mostly due to some very bad villains and some very tough law enforcers. Kristi is a young college graduate from West Texas recently hired and trained by the Treasury Department. While on the hunt for two of her colleagues, she... [Read More...]

Monetize Your Expertise: 14 Entrepreneur Success Stories About Making Money with Their Expertise and Knowledge

Want to monetize your experience and expertise and create a profitable six-figure online business by teaching what you know? “Monetize Your Expertise” will show you how to transform your money mindset and put in place a simple, yet powerful system to create income with your unique expertise and valuable skills. Full of inspirational stories as well as practical and actionable strategies, this book is a must-read! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Sinful Summer

Nothing brings out the fire like a searing summer. Everyone wants that one summer full of fun, sun, and sin when temperatures soar, and passions rise. Join these New York Times, USA Today, international bestselling, and the best in romance authors as they explore the heat of a truly sinful summer. From the scorching sands of a local beach to the balmy breezes of a tropical island to the sweltering heat of the city streets, these summer stories will melt your heart and steam up your e-reader. Lo... [Read More...]

The Joy of Finding FISH: A Journey of Fulfilment, Inspiration, Success and Happiness

  What if the life you have is already more than enough? Our relentless pursuit of ‘more’ never seems to reach ‘enough’. Rather than joining the line of books trying to change your life, The Joy of Finding FISH offers the belief that the life you have is already enough. The secret to a more fulfilling, inspiring, successful, and happy life is the realisation that it is about being those things, rather than chasing them. Filled with strategies to create your purpose,... [Read More...]

Free: Purgatory Creek

He knew. There was only a scrap of red material, but he knew. Don Trask, Lead Agent for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, had no doubt what it was. For five years he had locked away the haunting memories associated with his most difficult case, the unsolved disappearance of a small girl. But now those memories had burst from their vault, and the nightmares that came with them were back. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: All I Longed for Long Ago Was you

Teenage Odette DuJardin and her family suffer under the repressive Vichy regime in Nazi occupied France. Across the Atlantic, seventeen-year-old Dan Palazzo struggles to exorcise his demons and escape the poverty of post-depression New York City. Twenty years later the lives of two young adults collide as they attempt to unravel their mysterious bond and discover their connection to the past. Follow these entangled souls, caught in twisted passageways of time and see how they navigate the waves... [Read More...]

DBT skills workbook in 7 weeks: Use Dialectical Behavior Therapy to overcome negativity, manage your emotions and improve your relationships.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a skills-based program that can help manage your emotions and change the way you think and behave. This workbook will walk you through the basics of DBT skills in a clear and easy-to-follow format. You’ll learn what DBT is, how it works, and how to use these skills to improve your life in just 7 weeks! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Personal Finance for Young Adults: A Beginner’s Roadmap for Reaching Financial Independence to Retire Early

Sum up all the personal finance lessons that school should have taught you and you’d get this book. With rampant inflation and rising rates, you might be leaving lots of money on the table without even knowing it. I don’t want you to be that person. I want you to read this and reach financial independence. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


It’s illegal for mythical beings and people to experience passionate feelings. However, laws can be broken. When Ezekiel is discovered meandering the Elfands, he realises the punishment is death. Frantically, he lies about his character hoping the mythical beings will spare his life. Jenilia has zero faith in the human, not simply because he communicates in the language of men. Men lie, but in Elvish, lying is impossible. In a snapshot of instinct, Jenilia chooses to allow Ezekiel an oppo... [Read More...]

Free: Accidentally All of Me

I’m raising someone else’s kid. My sister’s daughter, and where I thought I’d never make it as a single father bachelor, I was wrong. This little girl has my heart. And only her. Until a stray dog happens upon my place and we’re forced to call a vet. And a beautiful woman showed up. I didn’t believe in fate. But it seems to believe in me. The beautiful woman who helped us out with the dog shows up again later on a blind date across the table from me. And I’m sold out for her befor... [Read More...]

Progeny of the Shrine

A cryptic message, hidden within ancient medical charts, is decrypted; revealing a prophecy that will change the world. Soon, something new will come into being, as governments and renegade scientists attempt to destroy God’s gift to humanity. Events culminate at one of the worlds most sacred locations. Beware – all is not as it seems. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Civil Terror: Gridlock

“A cyber-tale rooted in reality, Civil Terror: Gridlock is a thriller with surprisingly deep implications.” -BookTrib A terrorist group led by a psychopath weaponizes the new national self-driving car network. The next attack promises to wipe out millions of Americans. Can a rogue FBI agent and the civil engineer who designed the system stop the attack? A fast-paced thriller from a real-life traffic engineer about the looming autonomous vehicle revolution. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Assassins

One New Queen. Four Possessive Assassins. Her Throne and Heart at Stake. Two weeks ago, I was the handmaiden and best friend to the princess of the Shattered Isle. Today—thanks to her—I’m Queen and have four possessive assassins protecting me at every turn. They couldn’t be more different…or irresistible. Each is irritatingly gorgeous, incredibly deadly, and consumes my every thought. River is charming, funny, and compassionate. Varian is sarcastic, edgy, and sharp. Blaize is icy, mys... [Read More...]

Free: Abundant Paths: Beyond Either/Or Thinking to Fulfilling Same-Sex Relationships That Last

“Engaging…thoughtful.” – The BookLife Prize (Publisher’s Weekly) Karl Beckstrand went from frustrating relationships to profound lasting ties. Regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, every person has legitimate needs for love and true union, including with those of one’s own sex. There are more kinds of connection, deeper than we know. When real needs are met generous feelings can replace discouragement, isolation, infidelity, even addiction. Beckstrand shares keys for h... [Read More...]

Protecting Their Princess: A Navy SEAL Reverse Harem Romance (The Why Choose Haremland)

Falling in love with my former Navy SEAL protectors was easy. But avoiding this scandal is the hard part. Very hard. My new security team is everything I imagined it to be. Three strong, hot men that would take a bullet for me. But the “good girl” of Hollywood needs more than just protection. No sketchy stories. No unbelievable rumors. Except for the one I have with my co-star. My fans don’t know that my heart belongs with the men in my bed. The SEALs have me thinking about them between ... [Read More...]

When the Children Fight Back

Four hundred years from now, a fleet of genetically modified humans must join eleven species they know nothing about, to battle an AI known as The Eye, intent on wiping out all organic life in the galaxy. But one of the species will betray the others, and humanity must fight for its very existence in the violent nebula known as Orion’s Gate. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Wounded Kiss

From USA Today best-selling author, Willow Winters, comes a tempting tale of fated love, lust-filled secrets, and the beginnings of an epic war. His chiseled jaw and silver gaze haunts both my nightmares and my dreams, though I’ve only ever gotten a glimpse of either. There’s a treaty between us and them; mere mortals and the ones who terrify but keep us safe. The contract demands that every year there’s an offering and this year I’ll walk across that stage presenting myself. We have no... [Read More...]

Free: Joey Mancuso Crime Mysteries Vol 1-3

The first 3 unique detective crime mysteries from Joey Mancuso (former NYPD detective) and Father O’Brian. Mancuso is a means to an end guy and doesn’t put up with the typical bureaucracy. Working together with his half-brother, a priest, they work their crime investigations out of an Irish Pub in Lower Manhattan, which they own. “Riveting.” Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Jack Ryder Murder Mysteries Novellas Vol 1-3

Becoming a consultant to the Miami Beach Crime Unit was the last thing retired Wall Street Executive and Best Selling crime author Jack Ryder wanted to do. But a murder in a South Beach condo coped directly his plot from his last novel. Forced to join Detective Logan in 3 unique murder cases. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Celtic Knot

THOR meets Wonder Woman in this Paranormal Romance Fantasy. Except the god is an ancient Celt, and Wonder Woman is a waitress from ‘da Bronx’. Throw in a ripped Fae Prince, an Irish Wolfhound who’s an actual ‘dog of war’, a banshee or two, some elves, trolls and demi-gods and you’re in for an exciting, romance saga with tons of laughs. When Bernadette accidentally awakened Lugh, Tuatha de Danaan from a spell, his enemies also took note. Powerful demi-gods, who will stop at nothing t... [Read More...]

Wings of Fate

Eighteen-year-old Thea’s fate is sealed whether she likes it or not. Magic, a prophecy, and a handsome Fae guardian are determined to place her on the throne of a land she never knew existed. But her father has a different plan, a plan that sets a vengeful goddess free. As Thea uncovers the truth about her past, prophecies unfold, and a choice arises that could change the kingdom’s fate forever. She will do whatever it takes to save her new home and the one she loves—even if the cost is h... [Read More...]

The Beached Ones

HE CAME BACK, DETERMINED TO KEEP HIS PROMISE. Daniel and his younger brother grew up in an abusive home. Daniel escaped. Now an established stunt rider, he intends to go back to rescue his brother. But then one jump goes horribly wrong . . . He recovers to find himself in Iowa, unscathed, yet his life has drastically changed. His best friend won’t answer his calls. Even his girlfriend is hiding something. Increasingly terrified, he clings to the one thing he knows: He must pick up his brother... [Read More...]

The Social Strategist: How to Master Your Social Life, Raise Your Status, and Win More Negotiations

Want to connect with those who can help you get ahead? Discover how to make yourself known and leverage your way into opportunity. The Social Strategist is your handbook for cementing a public perception that gains allies, attracts top mentors, and creates new openings. Buy The Social Strategist to expose hidden opportunities today! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Gifted: A Mystery 42 Manuscripts RP Novel (The Ancient Obelisk Ternion Season 1)

The Obelisk Academy is a hidden sanctuary for those who can use magic, and a new year is starting. It should be an opportunity to learn and grow, but for a few of the least privileged, it becomes a nightmare. A headmistress and other students are determined to not only lock them out of their education, but sometimes it seems like their very lives are in danger. During an assignment, this group of strong students uncovers ancient secrets and an evil so great that they must stop it at all costs o... [Read More...]

Free: The Witches of Dark Root

My name is Maggie Maddock, and I’m a wilder—a natural born witch who cannot control her powers. A dirty word, in our community; hardly better than a warlock. My sisters and I were trained in the old ways of magick by my coven-leading mother, my Aunt Dora, and various members of The Council. With Dark Root’s steady supply of magick, and our talents, we were deemed the generation destined to save the world. But there was a rift in the Council, between those wanting to follow a darke... [Read More...]

Free: The Tomb

On the run from her father’s debts, Renata wants nothing more than safety and obscurity. She thinks she has found it when she takes a job at an isolated mountain inn. With the closest neighbor miles away, there is nothing but the silence of the surrounding forest. She is completely alone. Or is she? There is something ancient and hungry waiting in the forest. Will it be another horror for Renata to survive or a pleasure that will consume her whole? The blankets rose near her feet as the c... [Read More...]

Free: Bliss and Imaginarium

Edward, with his canary Clemintine, is fired by the Rapture Factory for attacking their oppressive calgorithm. Edward joins the resistance and is sent on a mission while hoping to meet his estranged son. His skills at virtual street racing are helpful but the calgorithm is no longer his only enemy and while Edward tries to distinguish friend from foe he his blind to his second son watching from the shadows. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]