Purposeful Education

Have you ever wondered how a village boy with limited resources could rise to become a Group COO & CFO of three seaports with over a billion dollars of assets? Born to farmers in the village of Saruja, Ebrima Sawaneh enrolled himself in school at the age of eight when he felt lonely at home. At some point, his family could not afford to pay for his education, which led to him dropping out of school twice secondary school and university. Purposeful Education is an inspirational story of a vi... [Read More...]

Dump and Chase: Living The Dream

LIFE IS LIKE A HOCKEY GAME, THERE ARE WINNERS AND LOSERS, BUT YOU WONT BE FIT TO BE TIED WHILE READING THE NON-STOP ACTION. Dump and Chase follows a story of an adrenaline-fueled joyride of an ordinary Joe with extraordinary anecdotes to share. From the gritty streets of Buffalo, New York to the sun-soaked beaches of Fort Myers, Joes life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes an unwilling witness to a murder in Buffalo. He flees to Florida, hoping to outrun danger and save himself. While in ... [Read More...]

Free: A Monarch in Winter: Biography of a Butterfly

Butterflies symbolize the fleeting beauty of life, transitions, and memories. Dr. Abbey Pachter is a nurse, a grandmother, and a savior of one very special butterfly, named Spot. She watches him eclipse, develop, and explore her living room, and each new phase of Spots life broadens her own viewpoint of survival during the COVID-19 pandemic. In self-isolation from the dangers of a spreading illness, Abbey learns about the inner workings of a butterflywhat they eat, how they communicate, and wha... [Read More...]

Buddy’s War: A World War II Medic’s Journey and the Power of Family

A Veteran’s Day Weekend continuing special. Join the author as he discovers the story of his father, Buddy’s, service as a medic with Patton’s famed 10th Armored Division in World War II. In doing that he gets to know his father who died when the author was 16 and learns the power of memories, family, and healing. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street

A 17-time award-winning memoir chronicling a father’s eight-year journey back to the first woman he ever loved. After being forced apart by his abusive parents’ divorce, C.J. presents Danielle with half of a heart pendant, promising to love her forever and return for her one day. Eight years later, he ends 100 years of abuse and keeps his promise. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Little Faith Lift: Finding Joy Beyond Rejection

Do you ever feel like you just dont measure up? Theres always someone smarter, richer, prettier, skinnier, funnier, holier, or (you fill in the blank)? Too much of my lifeoh, lets say, give or take decadeswas spent figuring out that there is life beyond rejection. This book is written for those who doubt their worth, thanks to memories of betrayal by others who used them as their personal punching bag. For these hurting individuals, walking into a room full of strangers produces enough sweat to... [Read More...]

Light Beyond the Veil

In “The Light Beyond the Veil,” experience an emotional and a soul transformative journey as the pages unfold the heart-wrenching tale of loss, grief, and the power of human resilience. This grief story narrative transcends the boundaries of sorrow, offering a guiding light to those who find themselves grappling with the complexities of grief. Features of this Loss and Grief Book: A Journey of Emotion: The book traverses the turbulent landscape of diverse human emotions experienced ... [Read More...]

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins celebrates the world of water, which has been Susan’s training ground for personal and spiritual growth, and throughout her life, a constant source of renewal and joy. Hikes on Peru’s Inca trail and swims in seas and oceans around the world illuminate the author’s love for and connection with the natural world. This swimming memoir celebrates Susan’s unique friendship with a group of wild bottlenose dolphins in San Carlos, México that began when they started inte... [Read More...]