Everything Is Perfect

The true story of a woman caught in one of the most riveting, talked about political scandals of our generation. Seven years into her second marriage, Kate Nason discovered her husband was cheating on her. Then, the unimaginable happened. She woke to the news that one of her husband’s “other women” was at the center of a presidential scandal. The press surrounded her home, clamoring for details, and quickly transformed Kate’s private heartbreak into public humiliation. Nason’s memoir ... [Read More...]

Garage Band Days: A Memoir

The 1960’s was the perfect time for teenagers to create bands. Rock and roll was young and instruments were inexpensive. And most importantly, there were many places for these young musicians to play on Friday and Saturday nights; skating rinks, National Guard Armories, theaters, or just somebody’s back yard. In 1963, my brother Ronnie and I decided to start a band of our own to compete with the those we had been watching. We both had taken years of piano lessons, all classical. We recruite... [Read More...]


#FitToBeWilliamson is about a woman who buys a Fitbit so she could be around to take care of her daughter who was recovering from being in a coma for 3 months. Little did Tiffany know the Fitbit was not just going to help her lose weight, but this Fitbit was a part of a grand design to help Tiffany break generational curses. Her journey goes from saying goodbye to her 13yr old daughter to removing her mother from her life to marrying the man who was able to see pass the pain and build her up to... [Read More...]

It’s Time to Turn Up! No More Trauma (Life Change Series Book 1)

Living your best life begins by unleashing the points of power within. It’s Time to Turn Up, No More Trauma, Volume 1, celebrates the power of owning our stories and making peace with the past. Buried beneath the story of every trauma survivor lies an inner strength and indestructible body of truth capable of changing the trajectory of their lives. This volume paves the way for kindred spirits by rolling out compassionate and battle-tested guidance for tapping into the inner strength required... [Read More...]

Free: She’s a County Mountie: From Bulletproof Vest to the Armor of God

In shock, she looked up the barrel of his gun at point-blank range through her squad car window. With amazing strength, she kicked her car door open, knocking her attacker back, and like a Texas tornado, she grabbed for the threatening gun. Having no luck, her flashed before her eyes. Fear engulfed her like a herd of elephants. Shoot or don’t shoot was the question that crossed her mind. Life is a series of choices. Deputy Sheriff Susan Welch-Rodriguez trail-blazed in her work on the stre... [Read More...]

Rooted HEIR

A memoir that speaks through scars and helps transform trauma into wisdom. Trauma f*ucking sucks! There is nothing gentle, pretty, or rosy about it! It’s painful, dark, and lonely. Rooted HEIR is a vivid and transparent memoir that takes you on one woman’s journey of suffering, self-discovery, and forgiveness. In a span of three days the illusion bubble burst. Christina finds herself sitting in a dark room feeling so small and insignificant. She has a choice to make, more of the same or... [Read More...]

Free: Lost in Beirut

A young American travels to a foreign land seeking adventure and finds unexpected love, moments before Lebanon tips into war overnight. Running away from rocket fire, in the darkest of moments, his spirit awakens. Lost in Beirut, reads like a suspenseful romance, immersing you in an unforgettable journey through danger and spiritual enlightenment. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

When Hope is Enough

I am not sure that I believed in miracles before all this happened, but I guess you don’t have to….That’s what makes them miracles. When Hope is Enough, tells the heartbreaking, tear jerking, happy ending story of Melissa when she is admitted to an Orlando ICU, 38 weeks pregnant, and in serious respiratory distress. This raw and emotional story is told through the eyes of her mother, Wendy, who watches with heartbreak as doctors place Melissa on a ventilator and then on life support machi... [Read More...]

The Grunts of Wrath

Combat diaries from elite operators and commanding officers dominate the space. But what happens when regulars face the fire? Ronny Bruce is a renaissance man: philosopher, drifter, Gen X rock ‘n’ roller, and gentleman. At thirty-two, divorced and burnt-out with the burbs, Ronny bails on his teaching career and seeks army infantry. It’s no joke when boot camp is mandatory since his marine corps’ service ended ten years beforehand. Assigned to Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 509th Parach... [Read More...]