Free: The Way to a Spy’s Heart

A headstrong lady and a jaded spy must work together to deliver stolen enemy secrets. Lord Phillip Crestwood had sworn off women, but sparks fly when he meets his new assignment, Charlotte Bradley. The couple race against time and an enemy close on their heels. With danger all around, the couple soon discovers a passion neither could imagine. ... [Read More...]

The Future Bride: A MacLeod Time-Travel Rom Com

Brigid MacDonald is a coffee barista with a black belt who’s been transported to 15th-century Scotland in the middle of a clan feud. She knows how to fight, but these groomsmen are relentless! Will her karate skills be enough to ensure her survival in medieval Skye, or must she trust her life to a mysterious (& handsome) Highlander named Ferghus? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Kurt: (Cupids & Cowboys, Book 11)

Clementine Campbell is trapped in a gilded world as a headliner in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. But her real-life doesn’t measure up to the glamour. She’s enslaved, controlled by a murderous uncle, and a dangerous blackmailer, George Byrnes, who acts as her manager. When she meets Kurt Armstrong, a kind and handsome cowboy from Texas, they fall in love. Clementine tries to uncover George’s secret life to free herself, but he finds out and stops her. Kurt and Clementine are parted. Can... [Read More...]

Secret Proxy Bride

Dying on the battlefield, Robert pleads with his friend, Dyson, to marry the woman he loves, and to give her and his son the protection of marriage. Dyson, a confirmed bachelor, agrees to a proxy marriage on the proviso that his bride never tries to contact him. When Miranda and her child are left homeless and with nowhere else to go, she turns to Dyson. Will he give her and her child sanctuary, and if so, can they hope to find happiness together after she broke the bargain they had agreed upon... [Read More...]

The Imperial Orchid

When Frances Wakefield, a gifted illustrator, is handpicked by Lord Holloway to travel to Ceylon as a member of the expedition team, she is thrilled. When she arrives in Egypt to meet the other members of the team, she comes face-to-face with Miles St. Clair, Lord Holloway’s son and heir. He is the arrogant, handsome, insufferable man she encountered at several soirees in London and the team’s leader. As the team scours Ceylon searching for an elusive orchid, someone has been watchi... [Read More...]

The Battle of Baltimore

As the War of 1812 rages on between England and America, another war is waged in the streets of Baltimore. Caleb Smith is thrilled to learn that his longtime friend and love interest, Libby Anderson, returned from England. However, Caleb learns that Libby is betrothed to British aristocrat Harold Edgerton III through an arranged marriage by her parents. In spite of Caleb’s and Libby’s desire to be together, foul play, old-world traditions, and war all conspire to keep them apart. Both the f... [Read More...]

All Things That Deserve to Perish: A Novel of Wilhelmine Germany

The year is 1896, and Elisabeth (‘Lisi’) von Schwabacher, the gifted daughter of a Jewish banker, returns home to Berlin from piano study in Vienna. Though her thoughts are far from matrimony, she is pursued by two noblemen impressed as much by her stunning wealth as by her prodigious intellect and musical talent. Awakened to sudden improvements in the opportunities open to women, Lisi balks at her mother’s expectation that she will contract a suitable bourgeois marriage, and ... [Read More...]