Called by a Highlander

“Absolutely loved it: Action-packed, passionately steamy, and wonderfully told.” Plunge into Highlander’s Captive for just $0.99! Travel back to 1307 Scotland where a fierce Scottish warrior and a defiant time-traveler transform fiery enmity into passionate love. Will her heart remain in the past, or will their love defy time? Don’t miss your chance to experience Mariah Stone’s bestselling saga at this special price offer ends today! Check out other books in the s... [Read More...]

EMBRACE THE WIND, an Historical Novel of the American West: Aislynn’s Story- Book 2, the Sequel

EMBRACE THE WIND continues the story of Aislynn Maher, heroine of the 4.1 star FAR AWAY HOME. With over 100,000 copies sold and over 3000 5 star reviews/ ratings, this sequel has ranked as a bestseller in Western Romance, Historical Romance American and US Historical Fiction. What is the cost of living life on your own terms? For a young woman on the American Frontier, the price can be high. Aislynn Maher trusted the wrong man. To conceal her disgrace, she abandons her job, her home, her family... [Read More...]

On the Edge of Daylight: A Novel of the Titanic

When Esther Bailey boards the RMS Titanic as its first female officer, her welcome is lukewarm–and no one is more unwelcoming than her own mentor, Officer Murdoch. But as the line between duty and attraction blurs, the officers find themselves questioning what matters most: their careers, or the feelings they’re hiding from each other. As tragedy looms, will they live to see daylight? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Wallflower’s Midnight Waltz

Lady Alice’s return to London’s elite is marred by her father’s disgrace. A chance dance with the Marquess of Sedgewick offers hope until he falls ill in her arms. Amidst scandal, they seek the illness’s source, drawing closer to each other than society approves. Can they solve the mystery without losing their hearts? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Rosamund Clifford, one of the most famous royal mistresses of all time concubine to Henry II, the first Plantagenet King. A young maiden ruled by a grasping father who will stop at nothing to promote his own cause with the King. A fearful girl taken by a mysterious messenger to a Tower surrounded by a grotesque topiary labyrinth, where she must wait for the arrival of the master of the maze not the Minotaur of ancient Greek myth but the bull-like Plantagenet King Henry II. Note: Based on true e... [Read More...]

Miracle Nantz: A Novella

Having lived through the outbreaks of cholera, the horrors of the battlefield, and the questionable cleanliness of the Barrack Hospital in Scutari near Istanbul as he recovered from losing his leg during the Crimean War, Nantze turns to helping others as a way to overcome his injuries. Once able to hobble around, the gentle spoken man with the gift of encouragement uses his knowledge as a blacksmith to make himself a mechanical leg. When he starts making them for other men in the amputee ward, ... [Read More...]