Ghosts Of Small Prairie Towns

We all have stories to tell—of love and sorrow—of laughter and pain. Every road has a first step and a last one. Life is winding down for ninety-four year old Ellie MacIvor. She’s begun to feel like a ghost in the small prairie town where she lives. Over the past months she’s been reminiscing and writing about her life experiences, from growing up in the Depression era and losing a brother in World War II, to falling in love and living in the cabin on the farm. Wanting to mainta... [Read More...]

Inheritance Revealed

Life is falling into place for Arianna Sabini until she is viciously attacked. She awakens and discovers she is a vampire hunter, her boyfriend is a vampire, and the mythology she teaches is not entirely fiction. Now, she must accept the reality of her new life while uncovering her family secret. This is book 1 with book 3 launching in August. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Your Thoughts Your Worst Enemy

Are you longing for a good and restful night’s sleep? If you have difficulty with getting a full, comfortable, and uninterrupted night’s sleep, you may be ready to identify and address the root causes of your sleep problems. Do you find yourself bored, worried, and anxious, at times? Do you know what causes these symptoms? Knowledge is power. If you identify the reasons for your symptoms, you are ready to liberate yourself from them to experience good quality and restful sleep at night to i... [Read More...]

From the Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing

From the depths of creation nature whispers to us. Learn to interpret the language of nature through multiple layers of psychological and spiritual meaning, guided by the primordial forces of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. This book offers a new framework for personal healing that is rooted in the beauty and flow of the natural world, and draws from a rich Brazilian nature-based spiritual tradition. Explore the essence of the flames, stone, trees, ocean, wind, and the wisdom they carry. Discover h... [Read More...]

Heirs of the Tide

Journey to the Holy Land at the dawn of the Renaissance for a thrilling adventure tale. When their father is abducted by a vicious crime lord, Yonatan and Aaron Déulocresca embark on an odyssey to retrieve a lost cache of family assets to pay the ransom. With the help of a fearless crew of Sephardic corsairs seeking justice against the Spanish Inquisition, they navigate treacherous waters in epic tale of courage, loyalty, and family bonds. Heirs of the Tide is the second book in the Lost Tales... [Read More...]

Free: The Listener in the Shadows

While looking for inspiration for her next novel, a writer stumbles onto a mysterious man who appears to be doing surveillance at a cafe and soon finds herself in the crosshairs of the NSA and a local terror cell. Though she knows she is inviting danger, she can’t resist writing about a man who uses a fake name and doesn’t officially exist. On the other hand, her own name was changed for reasons she doesn’t want anybody to know, but unfortunately both sides are now centered on... [Read More...]

Greasy Joe’s & Other Stories

Those were her last words ‘wish me luck!’ What happened to Jessie the day she left Greasy Joe’s? Twelve dark or darkly funny contemporary short stories. Spend time with each, very individual character as they narrate their story. Discover their jealousies, loves, delusions, dreams, crimes and acts of kindness. Greasy Joe’s. Not Like Back Then. Curriculum Vitae Number Thirty-Four, The Ivy House What They Don’t Know Henry The Eighth I Didn’t See Anything Ouagad... [Read More...]

Dragging Down

Miami- Dade Detective Remy Ferguson investigates the gruesome death and dismemberment of a young woman discovered in Everglades National Park. The cause appears to be a rare attack by an alligator disturbed from its rest along the edges of the marsh. Then, forensic results point to a motive more ruthless and revolting than any found in a wildlife encounter – will someone get away with murder? Read now to discover Remy’s bold and irregular tactic that uncovers the twisted truth. $0.99 on... [Read More...]