Mourning the Marquess

The rival women of Lady Barringer’s outer circle belong to a sisterhood bound by revenge and indecency. Fortunately, no one knows the paths to pleasure they have promenaded on to wound those around them. Until now… Georgianna made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the affections of the Marquess, despite his betrothal to another young lady. It’s a match blessed by the renowned Lady Barringer and one that will raise his future bride up into society just as Georgianna’s reputation is plumme... [Read More...]

Skyscraper Cinderella

The fairy tale you know and love…With a scorching hot twist! This is the complete modern Cinderella trilogy in one collection. Winston Constantine isn’t a lover, he’s a business venture. A way for me to pay for college. A ticket out. He’s never pretended to be anything other than that. I can’t blame him for making me fall in love. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Two Wives and One Husband

Two Wives and One Husband isn’t so much an erotic love story as a family saga (with a lot of dirty parts.) It has been over three years since Jason married Jess, a pregnant teenager less than half his age, and she’s pregnant again. Their life is perfect except for one thing—they both have strong sexual feelings for Jess’s best friend, which would be fine if Jess didn’t feel so guilty and jealous. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Swinging with the Stranger Couple

Lea can still feel the vivid memory of both her husband and her slave inside her when she let another man kiss her. When she allows James to touch her a second time, though, she realizes she needs to confess to her husband what’s happening if she wants to come to terms with her guilt. Walt is all but worried about his wife’s new adventure, and instead of getting angry, he makes her a proposal. He’ll share her with the stranger if the wife, Rose, will agree to be a part of the game... [Read More...]

Moonlit Tidal Wave

Journey into an erotic world where maritime mythical meets the mundane… After breaking up with her boyfriend, Katie seeks solace in the darkness of the coast. Desperate for the waves to wash away her heartbreak, she encounters a beautiful woman out for a nighttime frolic in the ocean. Nerissa entices her into the water for a short swim while skinny dipping. Out in the moonlit waves, she discovers that Nerissa is harboring more than a strong backstroke. Surrendering to the mythical power Neris... [Read More...]

Free: Bitches Rule

It all started on February 12th, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. It was a rainy Valentine’s Day weekend. Kate and her girlfriend Amy needed to unwind after a busy day at the office. They ended up at The Vault Nightclub and Lounge. It turned out to be a Valentine’s Day weekend, that Tim and his best friend Steve wouldn’t soon forget! The opening scene takes place at Kate’s two-bedroom contemporary-style pink and white condominium. She’s a long-time resident of Mission Hills, Calif... [Read More...]

Free: His Future Bride (His Bride Series)

He’s not letting her get away…even if he has to keep chasing her down. Cash Riley Saunders is a goddess. I’m sure of it. She’s feisty and independent, and those curves of hers drive me wild. I think I fell in love with her the second she opened her mouth and told me off. Now I have to convince her that no matter how far she runs, I’ll follow. She’s worth the chase. One way or another, this little virgin goddess is going to be mine. Riley Cash Jamison is crazy. Or... [Read More...]

Free: The Lust Boat (Lothario Book 1)

When her fiancé called off the wedding and told her he’d had better sex with a blow-up doll, Candace traded in her honeymoon cruise for a week on the Lothario, the most notorious ship to ever sail the high seas. Little does she know that Ryan, the sexy guy who offered to be her escort as she samples all the ship has to offer, is really Ryan Callahan, the ship’s playboy owner. Ryan Callahan is single, rich, and considered quite the catch. Two years ago he and his business partner launched t... [Read More...]

Not So Bossy: A Second Chance Romance

First encounter with him, I could tell he is not just handsome but also bossy. To meet his gaze is so hard… Every time I looked at him, I felt like melting on the spot. I hope he didn’t notice… What else do you need to embarrass yourself? He is so handsome, so alluring and so hot. I lost control and ended up kissing him. Much more than a kiss. He should not have teased me, nudged me. I either made the best decision of my life or the biggest mistake ever… $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]