Free: The Bluechub Report

This is NOT your typical romance. The dreamy Waikiki wedding of Lee Ann Elizabeth Bettwedder and Montrose William Bloujawb (Hey! It’s pronounced BLUE-CHUB!) is OFF, disappointing dozens of mainland guests. It’s mostly because of their names. And a nasty young woman named Terry Jean Rollins, the Waikiki Hummer. Looking for a quick, fun read that’s hot enough to melt your bikini bottoms? This is it. Lotsa laughs, lotsa heat, lotsa fun. And now it’s FREE! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Harem Academy

  I never wanted this kind of power. But fate, luck, or twist of fortune has put me at the center of Well, Im not exactly sure, but I think it’s going to change the world. My three beautiful college classmates know more than they’re saying, and I think they hate how much they like me. They’re the key to surviving, and it’s going to take everything Ive got to handle them. But it turns out that Ive got some secrets, too. If only I can figure out what they are. $2.99 e... [Read More...]

Free: Natalie’s Story

Sparks fly when Natalie meets Jason. But Jason comes with baggage an ex-girlfriend who leans just a bit toward the psycho side and believes he still belongs to her. That’s not going to stop this romance from going forward, though. Or is it? Is a crazy former girlfriend enough to put this burgeoning romance on the skids? Find out in this exciting thriller/erotic romance. It’s hot! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Steamy Punk

A collection of three erotic tales from the “Esmeralda & Escarlata” universe, “Steamy Punk” is a novella centering on: *Mai, an exotic dancer struggling to survive in the seedy Shadow District underbelly beneath Liberty, as she sneaks into one of the Hawkmoth Syndicate nightclub afterparties to save her kidnapped sister from human traffickers. *Anaya, a techno-terrorist leading a crew of misfits to try and thwart the rising threat of AI in the crystal-powered cyberpu... [Read More...]

Share You

Delia has managed to stay hidden in the military camp thats been turned into a community of survivors after a deadly outbreak. But when an old friend is caught stealing supplies and sentenced to death, she is given a deal: submit to a stranger to save her friends life. The stranger, a young soldier, unleashes dark desires in her, and when another soldier knocks on his door, she invites him to join them for a steamy, bound threesome. This is an 8,500-word stand-alone story including explicit sex... [Read More...]

Free: Stepbrother’s Taboo Best-Friend

My stepbrother is bringing his friend, Luke home for the summer, Luke’s a bad-boy, prick, and player, just like Connor, Im shy, nerdy and inexperienced, so my stepbrothers very protective me, Luke was warned that I’m forbidden fruit, But still, things got heated in ways I wasn’t prepared for. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Embracing Calla

Calla Benedict has been my client for some time now, and it always feels like Im fighting him to make progress. I love a challenge, but hes proving to be more difficult than my average client. Im used to men feeling like they cant perform and couples looking to spice things up; thats what I see the most of, being a sex therapist and all. That said, I feel like Im finally making some headway. Not bad for two years spent trying to coax him through his personal issues. I cant help seeing him diffe... [Read More...]

Free: Pineapple Slice

Vida Montgomery thought she had everything – a successful career, financial stability, and an unshakable sense of independence. But when her sister Lila arrives on her doorstep in a whirlwind of chaos, Vida’s carefully crafted world is turned upside down. With Lila’s marriage in shambles, Vida sets off on a journey to the islands, hoping the idyllic setting will bring peace and healing to her sister’s troubled heart. Little does she know that fate has other plans in stor... [Read More...]