Tempting the Titan (A Monster Lite Spicy Romance)

Atlas The feisty little female I hired to work as a receptionist in my detective agency is proving to be a delectable handful. Celeste is a temptress. She stirs long-forgotten desires with her delicious curves and sassy comebacks. But as tempting as she is, I need to remain professional. Losing myself in her sweetness could unleash the monster slumbering within me, and when he comes out to play, he won’t settle for anything less than possessing Celeste body and soul. ... [Read More...]

Free: Perfect Circle (The Physical Collection)

What happens when two longtime friends decide to take things a little further than planned? When acrophobic Meg ends up suspended at the top of a Ferris wheel with her sassy friend Ava Hawks, she gets much more than she bargained for. However, the bi-curious girls also have boyfriends. Leo and Owen will soon be joining them at the county fair. And in the bedroom. Will this be a night to remember? Or a tryst the four of them would rather soon forget? Perfect Circle is a 5,600-word short story. P... [Read More...]

Once Upon a Time: Twisted Sexy Fairy Tales Volume 1: (Books 1-3)

The first three books of Once Upon a Time: Twisted Sexy Fairy Tales: Goldie Locks and the Three Sexy Bear Shifters Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldie Locks who had very sexy dreams…Every night, Goldie has dreams about her fated mates-three sexy bear shifters, but wakes every morning alone and longing for them. When she finally finds her beasts, they are ravenous for her. The sexy, possessive brothers will show her what it’s like to be loved by three passionate shifters ... [Read More...]

Free: Pregnant for Daddy’s Enemy: My Ex’s Stepdad

Bruce Allen. Billionaire tech-wiz. My dad’s biggest enemy. And my ex’s stepdad. He’s in my wild, hot dreams at night. So when I get a chance for a magical one-night stand, I took it Now it’s time to walk away for good. But he’s possessive and determined to make me his. He’s twice my age. Off-limits. My heart galloped as I stared at the two pink lines. I’m carrying his baby and he has no idea. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Daddy’s Hot Boss

FORBIDDEN BRAT & DOMINANT MAN He’s already in control in the office but now he wants control in my bedroom too, The problem is, he’s too close to home, twice my age, rough, dominant, big and spanks. Little, tiny me is not just forbidden, But definitely too small to fit, in both untouched places. Will we dare to cross that line? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


TAKE ME HOME, DADDY. QUICK. NOT TOO QUICK! FROM BRAT TO MISTRESS, SIX. THIS VIRGIN BRAT NEEDS THE ALPHA MALE TO GET HER PREGNANT BEFORE HE DROPS HER HOME. … I was stranded at the party. My friend had left with some guys and with the money her Dad had given us to take a taxi home… … Pounding music. Lights turned down to a pinkish dimness. Bodies writhing in what may or may not have been dancing. Kids yelling in the kitchen. Couples disappearing up the stairs. Grungy guys eyeing my volu... [Read More...]