Free: Sanibel Dreams

After losing both her beloved husband and job in the same month, Eliza Whitney is conflicted. At 53, she feels too young to retire and too old to start over. When her estranged father’s widow requests she come to Sanibel Island to settle his affairs, Eliza hopes the trip will bring closure. She never dreams her entire life will change through the relationships she makes, secrets she uncovers, and family she discovers. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Paris Soulmate

A woman with autoimmune disorders & a “no dating policy.” A mysterious, cocky British stranger. A dream trip to Paris. What could go wrong? Reeling from the reality of turning 30 soon, Christine decides to take her bucket list trip. She has always dreamed of going back to Paris, but since being diagnosed with several rare autoimmune disorders, she never imagined she would get the chance to return. Now she finds herself on her way to the city of love with an unexpected surprise. ... [Read More...]

A Winter Stay

Becca Jenks never knew her husband was a millionaire. When their passionate year-long love affair ends in tragedy, she’s left heartbroken. But she soon discovers that she stands to inherit a large sum… along with a Rhode Island beach mansion overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Oliver Sagan Jr. is a charismatic captain with a big boat and an even bigger smile. As a close friend of Becca’s late husband, he does everything he can to help her. Becca finds herself warming to the kind and unass... [Read More...]

Bridge to Freedom Series

Days that shaped a lifetime. Step back in time into a Black working-class neighborhood. Become part of rich family traditions and a vibrant community culture. Follow Violet and Everett Banks through the twists and turns of life from early childhood to their 50th wedding anniversary. Root for them as they secure the often much sought after, yet demanding and often demeaning jobs, Violet, as a domestic day worker and Everett, a Pullman porter. From $0.99 to $2.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Free: Urban Marriage 5: A Lesbian Marriage Stress Test

KINDLE: Contemporary Women’s Fiction SERIES Book 5: Two 50-something women succeed as Realtors in Florida and work to overcome challenges in their new marriage / Mature Christian audience / 157 pp / 13 reviews 4.3 avg Katie’s new marriage gets slammed with three bad events. Rejection by her daughter, anti-gay vandalism, her partner’s infidelity … was it all a mistake? But encouragement from a long-time friend and counsel from her pastor strengthens her resolve … and... [Read More...]

Coming Home: Humorous and Heartwarming Small-town romance (Sisters in a Small Town Book 1)

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is impossible.“Holly Kerr has done a beautiful job of crafting a family with real relationships–an absolute delight to read.”The last thing Brenna wants is to go home, but losing her job and her home because of a cheating husband leaves her no choice. Home means the small town where everyone knows her business and thinks they know best. Including her sisters. Home means every part of her past and present will be picked apart and this time, sexy... [Read More...]

Defensible Murder, No. 5 in the Mavis Davis Mystery Series

No. 5 in the Mavis Davis Mystery Series HOUSTON – The parents of kidnapped twin babies hire P.I. Mavis Davis to find their children held captive in this city notorious for human trafficking. When police discover the twins’ father standing over the dead body of the primary suspect, the situation becomes even more dire. Can Mavis rescue the children, prove their father innocent, and catch the real perpetrator without becoming the next victim? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]