House on Fire

How far would you go to keep a promise? Bernadette Rogers swore shed never put her father in a nursing home. Does that include euthanizing him to keep her word? Her mother thinks it does. Bernadette isnt so sure. And even if she were, its not like you can walk into a drug store and buy Nembutal. As an ICU nurse Bernadette’s no stranger to the blunt realities of death, but her mothers request to help her fatherwhos disappearing into the abyss of dementiago peacefully blindsides her. Her mo... [Read More...]

The Dreammasters

Her night terrors are becoming a deadly reality. Now, she’s chasing the answer to a frightening question can dreams kill? When Aisling Doyle has an angry nightmare after her husband leaves her, she’s horrified to learn the next day he has perished in a hauntingly similar accident. Worried her dreams hold a twisted power, she flees to Ireland to confront her mothers family and discovers her bloodline traces back to a powerful Celtic goddess. As Aisling dives into ancient dangers, wil... [Read More...]

The Countess of Stonemason

In the enchanting world of 18th-century France, a unique soul was born, destined to defy conventions and carve her own path in history Andrea is a peculiar girl with royal blood. Her spirit is as untamed as the era itself. Rebellious, adventurous, and, above all, stubborn, Andrea defies conventions and embarks on adventures that span France, Spain, and the New Spain. As Andrea rises to prominence as the Countess of Stonemason, she amasses wealth and power while resisting the pull of love and so... [Read More...]

Single Dad’s Naughty Nanny: A Billionaire Boss Romance

He’s a billionaire single dad with a body to die for. The fact he’s ten years older than I am is an even hotter bonus, but theres a catch. Im a nanny by trade, but an aspiring actress in my dreams. While one might assume a man with a child is a mere detail, it’s a dealbreaker for me. Jimmy screams bad boy at first glance, but getting to know him reveals he’s anything but. He’s the picture-perfect man. The perfect father. The perfect partner. The perfect everything.... [Read More...]

Deadly Protector

A Morally Gray, Obsessed Anti-hero Mafia Romance She was my wounded angel. My obsession. Now, she is the reason my heart beats. I took one look at the golden-haired goddess with pain in her eyes and knew I had to have her. I let myself become the man she needed. I know she thinks I’m harmless a friend offering to help a damsel in distress. She has no idea how wrong she is. I may look like safety to her, but it’s all a lie. On the inside, I’m the one who will tear other men apa... [Read More...]

Finding Myself

Su-mi’s dreams of becoming a K-pop star are finally coming true, but her passion is met with the challenge of conforming to society’s beauty standards. As she searches for true meaning and purpose in life, a journey of self-discovery leads her and her long-term boyfriend Woo-jin to open a rescue cat sanctuary. With every step of their mission, they discover a profound love for these beautiful creatures, changing lives, finding purpose, and igniting compassion in the hearts of all wh... [Read More...]