Destiny of Magic: Paranormal Women’s Fiction

A witch. A warlock. A vengeful God. I fled Spirit Falls as soon as I was old enough, and the Darkwind council was happy to see me go. But it’s been twenty years and they are short on hunters in their supernatural war. So when they offer my son a place in their ranks, I portal myself to the council chambers in anger. As tempers flare, a bonding rune burns into my skin, and I find myself linked to a hunter I have never met. It’s been over a thousand years since a spontaneous bond form... [Read More...]

Grumpy Grinch 2: Stranded With My Best Friend’s Brother Steamy Holiday Romance

I have visions of spicy nights with my alpha man this holiday, but that Grumpy Grinch ruined our Christmas cheer. Its the season of giving, and Im giving this holiday my all including my Rudolph G-string. We’ve been keeping a juicy secret for a long time, and now that Christmas is finally here, I cant wait to unwrap him like a gift with a big red bow. But Mother Nature doesn’t care about the plans we make. After dumping a mountain of snow on us overnight, my hot Santa has turned so ... [Read More...]

I’ve Got You!: A Metaphysical Love Story Sequel

Are faith and family truly enough in the face of so much adversity? Aisha’s life seems blessed beyond measure. With an unwavering spiritual connection to God, she is set to marry the love of her life, and her career as a nurse in the newborn intensive care unit is filled with purpose and promise. Yet there’s an unexplained anxiety that lingers, threatening to cast a shadow over her idyllic life, and a jealous colleague harbors resentment, seeking to disrupt the sanctity of her fairy... [Read More...]

Postponement: A Cryo-Suspension Domestic Thriller

What if you could place your newborn into cryo-suspension until it was more convenient to bring him or her home? How much time would you need? One year, five years, longer? How much will Nora Collins risk to protect an infant from his own mother? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

One More Last Chance

Laney Redford’s small-town life takes a hopeful turn when her boss offers to sell her his saloon. However, a bat infestation threatens to ruin her plans before they get started. And when things couldn’t possibly get more complicated, her past walks in through the swinging doors after seven years, along with the realization she’s never gotten over him. When rising country singer Ryder Blake finds himself back where it all started, the gig is supposed to be temporary. But when L... [Read More...]

My Silver Fox Enemy: An Enemies to Lovers Second Chance Romance

That billionaire alpha prick left me once without a trace. Now hes my new boss. Hes a grumpy, HOT ex-SEAL who is fifteen years older than me. A fling six years ago led to a big surprise, and when I tried to tell him, he was gone. Now hes back and irresistible as ever, but its my turn to hide. Ive cursed this man for years for leaving me high and dry. He swoops in, and our old romance flares up as if nothing has changed. I’m torn between past betrayals and undeniable attraction. With every... [Read More...]

The Christmas Reunion

Best-selling author Grace Meyers presents ‘The Christmas Reunion’: Heather, disowned at 17 for giving up her baby, now stumbles upon her daughter Jade after a mysterious inheritance. She hides her true identity and unravels family secrets. Jade, desperate for answers, doesn’t realize her mother’s true identity. Can Heather overcome guilt and mend their relationship? An uplifting tale of family, forgiveness, and motherhood $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Puck King

The King of Hockey needs a Queen. I’m in a fake relationship with Hockey’s biggest star. His publicist needed someone to help fix his image. And, I needed the money. But, neither of us wanted to do it. After all, he dates models, not physiotherapists. And, I just got divorced and will never, ever, trust a man again. Colton King isn’t exactly likable. As a matter of fact, he’s a total a-hole. How is anyone going to believe that we are a couple? If broody billionaire hocke... [Read More...]