Broken Cowboy

~ RONE Award Finalist & Global Book Awards Winner! ~ One-time city-girl, Addie Malory, needs help on her ranch. Lifelong cowboy, Cade Brody, needs a job. Neither of them expects to find love. When looming danger finally strikes, can Cade save Addie before its too late? Get your copy of this series-starter that’ll have you swooning and keep you guessing until the HEA end! …Do not miss a fantastic start to what promises to be an awesome series. ~ InDtale Magazine $0.99 on Kindle.... [Read More...]

Sigils of Malice

In the early 20th century Imperial Capital of Grace, the Clayton Enchanted Extravaganza arrives, starring Thalia Clayton, the Mighty Beast Woman. As disappearances are happening around Grace suddenly affect the travelling show, Thalia gets mixed into dark secrets hiding above and below the cliffside capital while she tries to protect her strange family. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Whiskey and Suicide

Whiskey and Suicide paints a kaleidoscope of myriad emotions of the Indian middle class families. In a very informal storytelling style, it narrates the dilemmas of the urban families in dealing with the conflicting emotions arising due to contradictory desires. It is the bonds of family and friendship that allow the protagonists to deal with these crises which are depicted by Manik Bal in a detached but empathetic narrative style reminiscent of the great slice of life storytellers of the east ... [Read More...]

Arranged by the Mafia

My innocent wife has no idea shes in for a broken heart before I even put a ring on her dainty finger. As the younger mafia heir, Ive lived a life of leisure. I had my fun and my share of women dropping at my feet Until a threat appeared in the shape of a powerful kingpin and now Im suddenly being forced to marry the enemys daughter in a sham wedding. Its not just my family vendetta holding me back. I have a deep rooted resentment for the OShea family, and their daughter Finley is nothing but a... [Read More...]

How to Leave Bitcoin to Your Heirs: A simple inheritance plan for your self-custody bitcoin

This easy-to-read guide answers all your questions about setting up an inheritance plan for your self-custody bitcoin: – How will my bitcoin transfer to my heirs when I die? – How do I make sure my heirs will actually receive my bitcoin? – What is a bitcoin inheritance plan, and how can I make one? – How can I simplify my plan so that it will actually exist (and work)? – When should I make my plan? – How much will it cost? – And much more $0.99 on Kindl... [Read More...]

Cherish Me Forever

What starts as a pretend romance soon turns into so much more… Newly divorced Dominic Waldorf is the most coveted bachelor in Chicago. At least, thats what he thinks. Id describe him as more of a Neanderthal with a really nice backside. When I accidentally spill champagne on him at a charity event, he accuses me of hitting on him. Then later, I run into him in an empty coat room, and he’s convinced. The truth is even more embarrassing. Im hiding from my ex-fiance, who showed up with... [Read More...]

Free Worlds Complete Series Boxed Set

George Dane was the hero of the last war on Earth. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet as security chief for humanity’s first interstellar colony mission. After over a century in stasis, the colonists are shocked to find their new home is completely covered by oceans. Upon landing, they discover they are not alone… Will the colonists be able to survive on the world they have been sent to? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Precursor Silicon

Embark on a captivating journey through “Precursor Silicon,” a thought-provoking science fiction short story by John Iovine that will challenge your perceptions of life and evolution. In a world where the discovery of carbon life forms has stirred a whirlwind of scientific, ethical, and existential questions, this book delves deep into the implications of such a groundbreaking finding. Follow PD4T, a character navigating a complex legal and scientific landscape, as he presents a car... [Read More...]

Renegades Volume 1: Rise

An intense action packed sci-fi fantasy super hero story set in an alternate dimension featuring giant robots, aliens with water-bending powers, and cyborg ninjas. As the world of Terra celebrates a new found peace following a decade long global war, a radical pro human terrorist group led by a dangerous, sadistic man named Ivan seeks to eradicate all non humans. In order to complete his goal, he and his men are searching for a weapon shrouded in mystery called Project L. Rising to challenge hi... [Read More...]