Free: Unbossly Manners

Whoever said there’s somebody for everyone obviously never met her between the sheets. Peyton Holland is a bedroom bore. Labeled broken during her most brutal date so far, the podcast media employee is beyond ready to unsubscribe from sex. But a friend’s dirty suggestion totally hits the G-spot, and she asks a devastated divorcé to tutor her in all things titillating. Jackson Rhodes still can’t get over his ex. So the heartbroken lawyer has little left to lose in the romance department w... [Read More...]

My Brother’s Billionaire Grumpy Friend: An Age Gap Boss Surprise Pregnancy Romance

He’s a bad-boy billionaire, a treasure-hunting diver looking for riches. Diving deep into me gives us the surprise of a lifetime – a baby on the way. I’m fresh out of college and have big dreams of a job in Turkey. An impulsive kiss leads to more, and I’m in deep with an older man When an accident brings out the truth, my brother refuses to speak to me and my career is over before it started. But the biggest question remains: Will my treasure-hunting baby daddy realize not all wealth is... [Read More...]

Free: Charming: A Steamy, Opposites Attract, Coach and Professor College Sports Romance (Campus Heat)

Steamy college romance — Can Coach Garcia be the man to fix my broken heart? I’ve finally done it. I gathered up my courage and kicked my gaslighting boyfriend to the curb. Why now, when I’m supposed to find time for me do I bump into the hottest, most eligible bachelor on campus? Why can’t I control myself around Coach Cole Garcia? Is he something more than just a way to get over my ex? I never imagined my life would change as I walked across campus. Until I run into the wild-haire... [Read More...]

A Moment to Dance

Firefighter Tony Granger needs a tutor for his orphaned nephew, he turns to schoolteacher Ella Morgan for help. When she learns Tony doesn’t have a partner for the Dancing with the Firefighters’ benefit contest, it appears their problems might be solved. But when a rescued puppy leads them into danger, they find their greatest strengths. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Unlucky Waitress

Ethan Knight is a cynical businessman intent on proving that everything can be bought and sold with the right marketing strategy. He even hatches a plan to launch a love resort where visitors leave convinced they have found their happily ever after. His whole philosophy on life and plans to build a love factory are turned on their heads when his friend and business partner bets him he can’t make some lucky woman fall in love with him and marry him in a month. Enter me, Cassidy Hayes. The unlu... [Read More...]


When you are in the dark, you crave light. Meet the Micheli Mafia Family from Florence. This spicy collection of dominant men and mafia tropes is filled with brotherly love and shrouded in a suspense-filled saga. Each book reveals more intrigue and a new romance with a HEA. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Knocked Up by the Bratva

It started with the FBI case of a lifetime… And ended with his baby in my belly. Luka Antonov is a man of mystery – but one thing’s certain: He’s even more dangerous than his reputation. When stakes are so high failure is no option. So I get closer to him… At least this unanticipated desire can serve a purpose. But the tables start to turn and I’m left with twoveryunsettling realizations. 1. Luka has been pulling the strings all along. 2. And I’m pregnant with his ... [Read More...]

Free: The Billionaire’s Faux Fiancée

Mackie needs to pay her parents back right away or they’ll lose their dream home. Damien needs to prove to a business partner that he’s a stable family man. So they strike a deal to fake being engaged together. Of course they get more than they bargained for in this sexy, romantic comedy. THE BILLIONAIRE’S FAUX FIANCÉE is the second book of the Bronson Billionaire Romance Series, but can be read as a complete standalone. This riveting, sexy fake romance will keep you turning the page unt... [Read More...]

Heroes, Holidays, and Hope (Vol. 1)

They fought courageously on the battlefield, now they’re fighting for love. This limited edition “must have” charity military romance collection benefits the Fisher House Foundation. The moving stories will make you believe in hope and love again. Pre-order today (gift some copies too!) and together we can make a huge difference. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Take A Chance: An Age Gap, Secret Pregnancy, Mafia Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

I think I might lose my job if my new boss finds out that I’m the daughter of a powerful mafia… But if I can be punished for something like that, I think Blake should be arrested for being so ridiculously handsome. It didn’t take long for us to forget that I was his employee – a nanny in charge of caring for his kid. Blake had no problem blurring that line, and oh, I regret it every single day. I went from waking up in his bed to dreaming about being his bride. Clearly, I’ve lost... [Read More...]