13 Signs You’re a True Book Lover

true book lover

Let’s make something clear; there are standard book lovers, and then there are the hard-core book lovers, freak bibliophiles, and book addicts. These are the people who stay up until 3 AM just to finish a great novel, who have to stop themselves from talking about books in every conversation, and are constantly adding new titles to their TBR (To Be Read) list.

If you think that you or someone you love might be a certified bookworm, check for these 13 common signs and symptoms.

You know you’re a book lover when…

      1. You feel incomplete after reading the final book of a series.
      2. You have stayed awake until the early hours of the morning just to finish a book (even if that means you’ll be exhausted all day).
      3. You feel a bit disappointed when your doctor or dentist is on time because you were planning to read in the waiting room.
      4. You have to physically restrain yourself from pointing out all the differences between a book and its movie adaptation. The phrase “The book was better” is probably one of your main critiques.
      5. Your idea of a perfect day involves browsing the shelves of bookstores or libraries for hours on end.
      6. You have too many books to fit on your bookshelves, so you have random piles of books scattered throughout your house.
      7. You get emotionally attached to fictional characters to the point where you’ve cried or laughed out loud while reading.
      8. You have earned, or considered earning, a degree related to writing, English, or library science.
      9. You always bring books with you when you travel, even if you know you probably won’t have much free time to read.
      10. You feel a bit relieved when plans get cancelled because that means you can enjoy a cozy night of reading at home.
      11. Your friends can rely on you whenever they need new book recommendations.
      12. You’ve fantasized about living in a library (or having a massive home library like Belle in Beauty and the Beast).
      13. You welcome a book that challenges your own beliefs and forces open-mindedness upon you.

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