Great Quotes For Gardeners

In “Great Quotes For Gardeners,” you’ll find hundreds of quotations aimed at inspiring those who enjoy and love gardens — and that’s just about everyone. “Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.” — Elizabeth Murray The gardener is always learning, often pausing to contemplate life, growth, and change. For everyone who spends time in a garden, as Jane Hawking says, it’s an enduring and reward... [Read More...]

Free: It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be

This book is based on the first part of my life written in the form of poetry. Basically, my many different experiences, what I have learned, and what I have been through so far in my life. I hope you find this new form of poetry exciting, and encouraging. Please if you can at your best convenience share this book with as many people as you can. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you kindly in advance. Peace.... [Read More...]

The Evolution of Blog

A compilation of memorable blog posts from SENCZYSZAK.COM, re-edited and reimagined for the Kindle universe. If, like me, you’ve struggled with motivation, grappled with self-doubt, obsessed over site analytics, and over-critiqued everything you’ve ever written—you are not alone. Welcome to ‘The Evolution of Blog’—erratic ramblings of a deluded mind. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Body Blog: Explorations in Science and Culture

WINNER OF THE FLORIDA AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION SILVER MEDAL PRESIDENT’S AWARD IN ADULT NONFICTION. “Replete with anecdotes and examples, this book is the perfect read for those curious about the wonders of the human body, and death itself.” – IndieReader Discovery Awards Review Natural selection has been honing the human form for millions of years. During that time, our brains have enlarged, our mouths have gotten smaller, our guts have been streamlined, and we... [Read More...]

When Crisis Hits Suburbia

Would your family survive in lockdown if society were to collapse? Learn how to prepare your home now. We are used to a world in which our homes are supplied with fresh water, gas, and electricity. We’re used to having our waste removed and our sanitary needs met. These are all things we’ve come to expect, but what would happen if they were taken away? Flooding, hurricanes, and pandemics are affecting areas we once thought were safe from disaster–we shouldn’t take anything for grant... [Read More...]

Free: How to Build a Slightly Above-Average Body – 2nd Edition

How to Build a Slightly Above-Average Body is a book for people who would like to learn some good workouts they can do at the gym to help them build a better-looking body. Short and fun, this book argues that the key to building a slightly above-average body is to consistently do between three and six good workouts a week. It also argues that supplements might not be all they’re cracked up to be, offers some potentially helpful dieting advice, and includes one of the shortest motivational... [Read More...]

Heavenly Flood

Still considered as literal truth by many people around the world, the tale of the Biblical flood has been one of history’s most fascinating but controversial mysteries. However, new research into the story’s origin has taken a direction no one could have expected; an astronomical event during the 4th Millennium BCE in the skies above ancient Iraq. Communicated over the next several millennia by Mesopotamian kings and priests through metaphor and allegory, the impact of this event was to ca... [Read More...]