Marco Martinez: The best Bounty Hunter this side of the Rockies

1867. The American Civil War is over, but outrage and bitterness live on throughout the land, and in the hearts of many… Marco steps out of the ashes of the war; a young man turned bounty hunter in search of his share of the American dream. But will the shadows of his past define him? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Latigo’s Choice: Taming the Frontier

Sometimes, a man’s future and his destiny come down to one choice. For Latigo Smith, that choice is between staying as a deputy sheriff in Texas, or moving back to his home in Colorado. Latigo arrives to find Colorado booming with the arrival of railroads and the discovery of gold and silver. It’s a place for a young man to make his mark. Latigo also finds strange clues to his family’s past and a tie to a young woman he’d never met. The West was full of stories about str... [Read More...]

Her Oregon Trail Doctor

Four orphans and their headmistress set out for Oregon in search of men looking for mail-order brides. Will they find what they are looking for? Or will fate have other plans? Plucked from a life of uncertainty at a bordello, Lark Brockwood finds herself at the mercy of fate. A ward of the Kensington Orphanage since she was little and scarred by her past experiences with men, she dreads the prospect of being forced to join a wagon train bound for Oregon in search of eligible husbands. A man hau... [Read More...]

Free: The Cowboy She Left in Wyoming

After returning to her small hometown of Jacobson, Wyoming after 13 years to attend her estranged father’s funeral, successful NYC news anchor, Alana is enraged to find out her father left everything he owned including the family ranch to Russ Rivers, Alana’s ex-boyfriend. Fuming, Alana refuses to let Russ have her family’s legacy and when she is trapped at his place during a blizzard, she uses every trick at her disposal to get him to hand over the ranch. But Alana gets more than she bar... [Read More...]

Shadow of Sam Bass: A Pike Hardy Novel

Pike Hardy is just settling into his job when he runs into an illegal race track and an old enemy from the past. If that weren’t enough, the gang of famous outlaw Sam Bass, killed just down the road by the Texas Rangers, seems to have shown up in Pike’s county. Settle in for a rough ride. Sometimes you have to meet trouble head-on. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Westworld Blood Oath

In the distant future past, a tyrannical federal government controls a hell hole known as Westworld known as Westland to locals. A ruthless band of outlaws called the Banditos have crushed the Rebel army, but there remain a few pockets of resistance. One of these rebels is a young gunslinger named Lane Grayson, who wants his own brand of revenge. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]