McCabe’s Law: Caught in the Middle

There’s a new sheriff in town… Newly elected to his post in Fredericksburg, Texas, Jake McCabe has survived the civil war and a feud back in Kentucky. However, this small, quiet town was not what he expected it to be. Fights between ranchers over water rights were bad enough, but things took a turn for worse when he was forced to deal with holdups and renegade Union soldiers, sweeping down south from a secret hideout. With troubles all around and his deputy laid up, Jake looked to t... [Read More...]


THE CIVIL WAR IS LONG OVER LEAVING IN ITS WAKE THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR BELONGING TO THE AGES, BUT HIS LEGACY LIVES ON IN THE MAN THEY CALL LINCOLN’S LAWMAN. The vanguard of a new breed of marshals envisioned by the slain president, the formidable Nash Riker upholds his sworn duty on America’s newest battlefield, the lawless West. With McKenna, his deputy, confidant and best friend all rolled into the form of his twin sister, at his side, Riker endlessly patrols the western landscapes deliveri... [Read More...]

The Wildes of the West #1: The Daughters of Half Breed Haven

FOUR RACES, ONE FATHER, ENEMY TO OUTLAWS, DESIRED BY ALL… Amidst the desolate ruins of a once mighty Arizona ranch, Allie Mastluehr stumbles upon one of the most extraordinary tales of the old west when she meets the aging Catalina Wilde, who reveals she was one of four formidable multiracial sisters who lived, fought and delivered justice in the southwest. With sharp wits and guns blazing, the fair-skinned Cassandra, Asian Lijuan, mulatto Honor Elizabeth, and Mexican Catalina-The Daughte... [Read More...]

Colter’s Vengeance

How far does a man go to put war behind him? Colter Gaines went all the way to the wilds of the frontier, hoping to set up a peaceful life on a ranch with his wife and young daughter. For a few years, he had just that, even if his marriage was collapsing and his ranch teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Yet compared to what he had known in the army, eking out a living with his daughter was a godsend. But when he finds the body of a Blackfoot teen on his land, a chain of events is set off that ... [Read More...]

The Execution

An innocent woman fearing for her life A marshal trying to prevent her murder. No one is safe when cattle baron William Cahill, enraged at the execution of his nephew Carlton, vows to take revenge on those responsible, especially Judge Evan Davis who delivered Carlton’s sentence. Judge Davis is going to suffer, and so is his widowed daughter-in-law, Holly. Already foiled by Marshal Kris Jensen once before, this time Cahill finds sets into motion a wicked plan for vengeance… Cahill w... [Read More...]

The Siege

The desert winds brought the marshal to town. He rode out of the wilderness, his duster flapping like black wings, his hat concealing his face except for the scraggly growth across his chin. A pearl-handled Colt rested in the holster at his hip, and he seemed more shadow than man in his black clothes. Like all great things signaling a shift in the world, he arrived unnoticed by anyone, barely visible through the dust storm. Kris Jensen only wanted a drink and a night with an accommodating saloo... [Read More...]

Will Parks: Road to Hangtown

The Sutter’s Mill gold discovery kicked off the rush to the American West, as a flood of people descended on California and the promise of a new land. The danger of the Oregon and California Trails was only a start. Gold thieves, outlaws, dock gangs, vigilantes, and a little romance and intrigue await the main character, Will, when he reaches the end of that trail. Will he have what it takes? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Healing Hearts: A Second Chance at Love Small Town Romance (Hearts of Watercress Falls Book 1)

Two broken hearts. A pain so strong it’s embedded in their bones. And an unspoken attraction they can’t ignore. Two years ago, a tragic accident left Camille heartbroken, alone, and stuck with the one label she never wanted in life—Widow. In need of a major life change, she leaves her Savannah, Georgia home for the Rocky Mountains in northern Montana. She needs more than a distraction to take her mind off all she’s lost. She needs a new life, a new home, and a new beginning. A mountain ... [Read More...]