Free: Westworld Blood Oath

In the distant future past, a tyrannical federal government controls a hell hole known as Westworld known as Westland to locals. A ruthless band of outlaws called the Banditos have crushed the Rebel army, but there remain a few pockets of resistance. One of these rebels is a young gunslinger named Lane Grayson, who wants his own brand of revenge. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Cabin of the Tetons

In 1899, the frontier is alive and well in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, breeding bitter land disputes, gun fights and outlaws. Despite this, Mitch decides to open his struggling cattle ranch to paying guests. What he does not expect is the motley group of visitors who arrive to experience the “Old West,” including delicate-appearing Eira. Eira realizes she has lived a lonely, sheltered life, but so far has not found the courage to get out of her rut. She now finds herself in Jackson Hole, only to... [Read More...]

Pike Hardy: Stand Your Ground

Pike Hardy has seen some hard times. Orphaned after a Comanche raid and raised by an old mountain man, he has mustered out of the army and started a new job as a sheriff in the hill country of Texas. Moonshiners from Tennessee and south-of-the border cattle rustlers, and a girl from back east who doesn’t much like him make it a tough start for Pike Hardy. Luckily, Pike is a tough man. Follow him from Fredericksburg, Texas to Austin, to the streets of Laredo. Pike has to learn in a hurry what ... [Read More...]

Detour Trail

Lorie Emerson is traveling with her uncle on the Oregon Trail. After the death of her uncle, Lorie is advised by the wagon master to go home. But Lorie finds others needing help. She organizes their little group, along with Jake the mule, heading west. Lorie must fight the elements, enemies, and face other problems Detour Trail by Joy. V. Smith is a unique western novel introducing readers to the era of the Oregon Trail, western frontiers, harsh elements, thieves, death, hardship, love, hard wo... [Read More...]

Free: When Justice Calls

Federal Marshal JP McAllister is recalled to Sagebrush, Montana—without delay. He survives an ambush, only to learn he’s being sent after his longtime friend, Jarvis Tate. Wanted for murder, JP soon discovers some reunions are bittersweet. Can JP bring Tate to justice? Book 1 in the Stars and Badges Saga. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

McCabe’s Land: Old Enemies Are The Worst

Comanches. Outlaws. Texas Rangers. Oh my! When Jake McCabe is recruited by the Texas Rangers to help put down a Comanche uprising, his troubles are only getting started. An enemy from his past returns to steal his land and destroy his family. Jake needs a break. It looks like he’ll have to make his own. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Mimosa Tales

  Welcome to Mimosa. For Marshal Kris Jensen, it’s a place for salvation and a new beginning. After the murder of his wife and children, all Kris Jensen wanted was to die and join them. Saved by a sacrificed friendship, he travels from one Territory town to another with a tin star on his black duster, restless, intervening when needed, and then quickly moving on…until the town of Mimosa asks him to stay as their Marshal. And he says yes, though he doesn’t know why. Maybe it�... [Read More...]

Cowboy Player

I can’t get the girl in the dorm room next to me out of my head… I’ve only ever had one focus in life: baseball. Everything else always came second to that. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved playing the field in all matters of the term. Love ‘em and leave ‘em, right? Yeah, and then I met her. Those luscious curves, those potent eyes, the way she says my name when our bodies are intertwined. I can’t get enough of her—and I want her for myself. But the game I love comes calling i... [Read More...]