Free: Cemetery View

When a shocking discovery unearths an old secret, can Stella expose a killer? Abandoned by her mother ten years earlier, Stella Ingman returns to her childhood home to help her father clean up after a flood. But she’s horrified when repairs to the backyard swimming pool reveal her missing parent’s hidden corpse. Plunged into the depths of guilt and refusing to see her father as the number one suspect, Stella focuses on solving the gruesome crime. But hunting a murderer in the tight-knit sma... [Read More...]

Free: The Imposed Path (The Gem Keepers Saga Book 1)

The Imposed Path is the first book in the Gem Keepers Saga. It follows Emma through her eyes, as she and her new friends are forced into a cosmic war. Powerful enemies, invading alien fleets, and the dark side of human nature; is what she must face. Emma’s new found love, and friendships; will be her strongest tools in overcoming these challenges. This series will dive into the dark aftermath of Emma’s many experiences – the physical and emotional impact of being a hero. Pain, sorr... [Read More...]


Four women went on a weekend of fun to Miami. Four best friends who were inseparable. No one returned. The story made national headlines, and even after weeks of searching for them, they were never found. What happened to them? Are they still alive? Ten years later, the teenage children of those same four women decide to take a trip together against the wishes of their families. They are followed by a TV crew doing a true crime show. They’re returning to Miami to find out what happened to the... [Read More...]

The Art of Murder

A new antique store, a new painting, and Old Man Foster falling off of the roof. Juniper had bought the old craft store. She was always on the lookout for old and unique antiques. Mr. Fluffster and Spot especially enjoy their new sleeping spot on the 18th century chaise lounge. At the funeral of Old Man Foster, high school friend, now Sheriff Chase Adler reveals that his death may not have been an accident. Growing up, Juniper had always been afraid of Old Man Foster, thinking he was mean and s... [Read More...]

Sweet & Spicy

I’m Andromeda VanDoren, otherwise known as Persephone VanDoren’s older sister or the family’s embarrassment. For years I’ve tried to outrun my past, leaving a whole bunch of chaos in my wake. But I’m done running. I return home to Sweet Water fully prepared to do whatever it takes to pay for my past sins. Little did I know that would include working for the once-love-of-my-life James Harlowe. He’s everything I don’t deserve. Compassionate, funny, and good down to his core. And he ... [Read More...]

Trauma and Dissociation Informed Internal Family Systems: How to Successfully Treat C-PTSD, and Dissociative Disorders

This book integrates dimensions from the Trauma and Dissociation field into the already excellent framework of standard IFS. With this book, you will gain the knowledge of how to treat Complex-PTSD and Dissociative Disordered clients safely, respectfully, ethically, and successfully. Learn in-depth information about this exciting new integration of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Trauma/Dissociation field in this extensive guide. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Beacon Hill Affair

Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s exclusive inner-city residential neighborhoods, with rows of crowded city townhouses, private city homes and city mansions lined along narrow city streets. For Edward, life on Beacon Hill was simple and routine, aside from needing a financial opportunity to save his ever-loving skin. With every passing day he came closer to financial doom, until a mysterious woman from out of town enters into his life with claims of having information to a buried treasure chest,... [Read More...]

The eMusketeers

The eMusketeers is a series of short stories and cautionary tales that are connected through quasi-human characters who represent four functions of technology. The eMusketeers are the record keeper, the algorithm, social media, and multimedia – Bill, Al, Sam, and Mike. They track everything, respond to requests, create not-so-private journals, and are always listening and watching. No bits and bytes. Has technology brought boundless opportunities, vast conveniences, and incredible prosperity,... [Read More...]