About Us

Best eBook Reader Lovers…yeah it’s a mouthful. We missed the boat when it came to picking our domain name. But it’s our mission that counts, were here to empower every avid reader of every different genre to find new books that they will love. And while we show ebooks on our site, you don’t need a dedicated ereader, just a phone with a reading app will do.

We’ll also share both practical tips, top 10 lists of books in your favorite genres, and interesting articles. Like an online library, we aim to deliver an all-encompassing experience stocked with the highly-rated ebooks. If you’re an enthusiastic ebook reader like us, we recommend getting cozy in your favorite chair and taking some time to thoroughly explore everything our site has to offer. If you’re feeling especially daring, try checking out a different genre than you typically go for, or finally start that book your friend has been begging you to read.



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