The Shadow Work Series-Embracing the Darkness

The Shadow Work Series, Embracing the Darkness is an incredible resource. In accessible language, these inspiring books will detail what the shadow is, how to recognize it in yourself, how to transform self-denial, and how to utilize your newly-found creative energy in the most expansive and abundant way possible. Buy these books now. Don’t wait. Embracing your shadow is the most potent and powerful work you can ever do if you want to live true to yourself and live true to your purpose. $2.99... [Read More...]

Essential F-Words for Teens: The 117 Things You Need to Know Before Graduation

Have you ever said to yourself, If I only knew then what I know now? Have you wondered how much easier life would be if your teenage self was armed with the knowledge you have today? What if teens had access to a universal cheat code to help them develop foundational success habits before graduation? What if a road map existed that would point them in the right direction throughout their life’s journey? As an adult, how might your life be different if you had access to such tools? Author Scot... [Read More...]

Free: The Mystery of Time Is Who You Are: Answers for Life

“Getting on with life takes a lifetime,” but accepting time as our teacher, and embracing the present moment as our most precious gift, allows us to experience life fully for all the days of our life. This book will soothe your soul, clarify your vision, energize your mind and anchor your heart with satisfying and comforting answers for a lifetime. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Three Pillars Of Stoicism: Develop Character In Accordance With The Stoic Ideal Through The Lives And Teachings Of Seneca, Epictetus, And Marcus Aurelius

What takes someone from good to great? This question has haunted humanity for millennia, engaging the most learned people in finding its answer. To help you achieve that wholesome mentality that takes you from good to great, we analyzed three of the greatest philosophers and broke down their observations on human nature, mentality, and happiness. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Ninja Negotiator: A Practical Guide to Getting What You Deserve

The Ninja Negotiator: A Practical Guide to Getting What You Deserve” is the ultimate guide to mastering the art of negotiation. With a focus on practicality, this book is packed with tips, strategies, and examples to help you confidently negotiate in any situation. From understanding your own goals and values to effectively communicating and persuading others, “The Ninja Negotiator” covers all the essential skills you need to succeed. Written by expert negotiator Chakib Abi Sa... [Read More...]

Meeting the Shadow, Finding Your Self

Your personal shadow is a treasure trove of profound wisdom. Meeting the Shadow, Finding Your Self will help you to work with the numinous darkness of your psyche. Read this book and learn how to transform lineage patterns, find your authentic voice and reclaim disowned energy, so that you can align with your purpose, recharge your vitality, and bring all your creative gifts to light. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Discovering Leaders Within: A Modern Guide for Cultivating Your Team’s Potential

This book details attributes of high-performing leaders and defines seven simple steps in Larson’s HUMan-Based LEadership (HUM-B-LE) development processes. HUM-B-LE targets increasing individual and team emotional intelligence (E.I). This breaks from traditional leadership cohort training programs which often overlook E.I. while delivering extensive training that can be overwhelming and impractical to implement. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

How To Say Sorry

Apologies are tricky. Some might say it’s easy saying sorry, but forgiveness is more than that. Forgiveness is about developing your moral character. It’s about preserving your relationships. How to Say Sorry understands the need to truly apologize and forgive. Dealing with others can be hard–everyone is so different, and often, our personalities and temperaments are so incompatible. But his book will demonstrate the power of forgiveness in navigating those social connections ... [Read More...]

Getting Your Dream Job in Big Tech Companies

If you want to apply, ace interviews, and get hired at big tech companies like Meta, Apple, Google, and the likes, this book can help you. A modern citizen will own at least one or two of these companies’ digital or analog products. They’re captains of the electronic industry, and to join their ranks is no less of an honor and a feat. If you’re interested in earning money with your skill, Getting Your Dream Job in Big Tech Companies is here to help you. This book will cover al... [Read More...]

Free: Life Changing Vision: Launch Direct Action, Realizing Necessary Elements, To Live Large

If you want to discover, explore, and master yourself, you need to use your insight and create a Life Changing Vision. The purpose of this book is to elevate business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who are underserved to believe they can thrive in their personal and professional lives. Through this “Life Changing Vision” people can secure their goals and reach guaranteed success. The book’s aim is to encourage you to use inside-out thinking to accomplish positive personal and business ... [Read More...]