Stop Toxic Thoughts: Break Negative Thinking for Stress and Anxiety Relief (When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough)

Let’s be real. Your kicka** brain is awesome but can also be a jerk. You’re a rockstar, yet your wrinkly noggin plagues you with “What ifs” and “Not good enoughs.” Cut the bull! Reclaim control over your mind, skip the textbooks and fluff, and get to the nitty-gritty of your situation with proven techniques and advice for a personal transformation. The bottom line — to make meaningful change, you need first to change your mind. So let’s get to wor... [Read More...]

Free: Awakening

Awakening Book 1 – Spiritual Poems & Self Help Affirmations for the Spiritual Seeker “Matt’s recent work is a beautiful collection of writing that gives voice to my own soul. This may sound weird (or over the top) but his poetry is like rich earth that grows ideas, wonder, joy and so much more. As an English teacher I am always looking for poets to share with my students and I cannot wait to introduce them to Matt’s work!” “Our hearts were made for melding, can... [Read More...]

Releasing Toxic People

Learn how to recognize when enough is enough and it’s time to let someone go. In ‘Releasing Toxic People’, you’ll discover how to move through feelings and fears that may be keeping you stuck in harmful, dysfunctional relationships, using self-compassion as a guiding force for change. Written by therapist Neela Arnaud, you’ll also learn how to employ practical strategies for ending contact for good while setting realistic expectation for life after cutting ties (in... [Read More...]

Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: A Practical 3-Step Guide to Emotional Healing. How to Break Free From a Narcissist, Reclaim Your Power and Build Healthy Relationships After Trauma

– Have you lost all sense of your identity? – Do you know someone that always turns others against you, making you feel crazy and never right? In her book “Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery”, she guides you through the 3 crucial steps to breaking free from a narcissist, reclaiming your power, building healthy relationships after trauma, and achieving emotional healing. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Wisdom Keeper: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within

Psychic dreams and visions, remembering past lives, and becoming an intuitive shamanic healer—this is the story of an ordinary woman’s extraordinary journey. With raw honesty, Chloe shares her story of awakening to her Divine purpose, healing herself and her journey to heal others. WISDOM KEEPER reveals the Divine pathway to a more peaceful, happy, fulfilled and healthy life. Chloe’s connection with Spirit Guides in other dimensions bring cosmic knowledge to her ancient wisdom. Her extrao... [Read More...]

Portraits of Childfree Wealth

Have you ever wondered what people without children do with all their free time and money? Do you assume that they must have a lot of both? The truth is more complex than that! Childfree people come from as many different backgrounds and life circumstances as people with children do. Some are partnered, and some are not. Some are well-educated, some aren’t. Some are independently wealthy, and some are just scraping by. Dr. Zigmont’s “Portraits of Childfree Wealth” is a c... [Read More...]

Unplug Your Robot: The Secret to Lasting Happiness

Are you fired up in the morning, ready to jump out of bed and embrace the day with enthusiasm? Do you feel a sense of daily excitement? Of purpose? Or are you wondering right now if those things are even possible? They are. All that is required is to unplug your robot. The robot is the part of you that wakes up at the same time and eats the same breakfast day after day. It’s the part of you that considers busyness, competition, scarcity, anxiety, and fear as a normal part of life. Life is abo... [Read More...]

Mental Performance Mastery: 2 Books in 1: A Guide to Speed-Reading, Learning Fast, and Improving Your Memory

Shift your mind into top gear with this 2-in-1 bundle! Book 1: Simple examples and proven techniques to speed up learning and streamline study. “Improved memory and focus are all things that can be learned from this well-presented book” Book 2: Transforms a reader from slow/average into fast and efficient. “This book demystifies speed reading” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Fully Charged: Plug Into Your 5 Charging Stations to Feel Alive, Guilt-Free and Unstoppable. Finally.

This book is for anyone who dreams about normal life. It is a reboot program to transform any crisis, including living during a pandemic, into the present and future success. It is energizing, very approachable, and full of practical tips. While confronting life and its challenges, you will realign yourself to move forward in five simple steps. You will figure out what you want and will get it. It is the best conversation you will have with yourself. This book relates to many aspects of life an... [Read More...]