Master Discipline Through Mindfulness: Secrets to Improve Self-Control and Build Good Habits Through Mindful Practices

There will always be challenges and distractions in life. Despite this, there are those who forge onward as they work to create a better future for themselves. When we practice mindfulness, we become aware of everything happening within and around us. In this book you will learn the secrets on how you can improve self control, build good habits and master discipline through mindfulness. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Win Your Way Up: The fast-track career strategy for young professionals

Win Your Way Up provides a proven strategy for young professionals to thrive at work. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a fulfilling and impactful career by learning how to navigate the workplace. Filled with insights gained through her own experiences in the corporate world, Jennifer wrote this book to help rising talents identify and overcome the common obstacles that can hinder their careers. By reading this book, you will gain clarity on your professional goals and what it takes to a... [Read More...]

The Expat: Powerful Life Lessons From Living, Working, and Traveling Around the World

For Jovelle, this is a constant cycle in her life as an expat. This book will reveal the life lessons of an expat who lived and worked in five countries and traveled in fifty of them. Those life lessons came from extraordinary but true experiences. Whether you are an expat or not, your core values may be challenged, or you may feel alienated. This is the only book that starts with the story about the Nude Guy and ends with The Foreplay! Filled with humor and insights, Jovelle lets us know how i... [Read More...]

Fearless Living: Lessons to release your fears and express your magnificence

Transformational book about how to use your focused thoughts and actions to clear your fears and manifest your dreams. Simply explains where your fears came from and how to clear them. Provides the framework to create or manifest what you want in your world from enhanced self-confidence and loving relationships to abundance and health. Based on the successful use of these principles by the author in 8 different careers including Fortune 500 businesses in 12 countries. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Essential Affirmations For, Empowering Black Women

Most of the time, our self-worth and ability to make things happen are overshadowed by our inner critic: that loud, constant voice in our head that keeps telling us we don’t have what it takes. But we can’t put all the blame on this negative voice. Our inner critic only lives in our heads rent-free because we let it. It’s time to change that. This book covers powerful ways to stay grounded, build balance, foster resilience amid stress and anxiety, and the 7 secrets to increasi... [Read More...]

Free: Your Well-Being Workbook for OCD

A practical and comprehensive workbook that arms readers with expert strategies for managing obsessive-compulsive disorder. Drawing on a mix of seasoned wisdom and actionable advice, you’ll be guided through a multi-step action plan. Designed to help you overcome negative thought patterns, control your anxiety, improve your social life, and implement proven therapeutic methods for lasting success. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

EPICURUS and THE PLEASANT LIFE: A Philosophy of Nature Kindle Edition

This book seeks to reintroduce pleasure as our innate guide to living a healthy and happy life—a simple yet powerful assertion based on empirical data, which stands up to the strictest scrutiny. Along this journey, we will explore evidence throughout the historical evolution of philosophy up to the time of Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher who laid the foundations for a philosophy of nature. More specifically, it’s the only philosophy that distinguishes pleasure as the inherent human ... [Read More...]

Mental Toughness For Teens: Harness The Power Of Your Mindset and Step Into A More Mentally Tough, Confident Version Of Yourself!

Essential guide for teenagers navigating the challenges of daily life. Helps teens develop mental toughness. Filled with practical exercises and tips, the book guides you through the process of building self-confidence, managing stress, staying positive during difficult times, and setting healthy boundaries. You’ll learn how to better understand your brain and use this knowledge to make better decisions. Discover: Shaping a positive mindset towards school and education. How to learn from ... [Read More...]

Free: 10 Rules to Succeed Like a Marine – The Hard Price of Success

It’s Time to Live the Life of Your DreamsTo Smash the Excuses! Have you ever wondered why some people are living the life of their dreams and others are not? Have you ever thought, “Why them and not me?” Have you wondered how you could get from a fantasy of what your life should look like to living the actual reality of your dream life? Well, wonder no more friend. With passion and insight gained from years of personal development and Marine Corps service as a Staff Non-Commissioned Offic... [Read More...]

Chrysalis: A Memoir

While writing Chrysalis, my mind would, of course, return to the hospital room where I regained my life and freedom. As I strived to explain the experience, I noticed how it had changed me and set me on a better path to the rest of my life. This unusual experience, though difficult, improved how I react, and accept many good and not so wonderful things to come. If I were to meet you and take your hand, if at that moment I could give this learning to you, how glad it would make me! I extend this... [Read More...]