Billionaire Dragon’s Doctor Mate: A Dragon Shifter Romance

One mating ceremony and everything changed. Destinee was to marry Jeff, the man she had been crushing on for years. But he was in love with another and he didn’t want Destinee. She was devastated but didn’t have a choice… He was an alpha and even if he didn’t love her or even want her, she had to marry him. He acted like a jerk and kept her at a distance. And now he wants her back, it is too late already. Will he be able to mend her broken heart and win her? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Case # 88

“Finn Peterson, the retired police officer, comes home to visit his parents. He finds out that they are not living in their old house, which belongs to someone else now. In an attempt to get more data about his parents, Finn is discovering that there are no records at all about such people, as they never existed. He is trying to resolve the mystery of the disappearance of his own parents, the people who never bought anything, worked, paid taxes, and raised their son…” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The French Baker’s War

“Absence isn’t a hole. It’s a presence living inside you, eating its way out.” Occupied France, 1943. Returning home from the daily hunt for the rationed ingredients necessary to keep his family pâtisserie open, André Albert finds his four-year-old son in the street, his wife gone, and a Jewish escapee cowering behind the display case. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Savage Kultur

Set in the early days of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and present-day England, A Savage Kultur follows Ava, an art student at Oxford University, who inherits her beloved grandfather’s London art gallery after his death. He leaves her a letter with one last wish—that she recover a treasured Vincent van Gogh painting deemed degenerate and looted by the Nazis in 1937. Throughout this daunting task, she unravels her grandparent’s harrowing struggle in Nazi Germany. As her search for the los... [Read More...]

A New Home for Souls

A New Home For Souls is a whimsical, action-packed tale that challenges our assumptions about the origins of life and the consequences of death. Humans unwittingly awaken the seeds of two alien progenitors. Masterful editors of DNA, they copy genes from their surroundings, ultimately evolving into human form, and revealing their shocking plans for humanity. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Loner: A Dark High School Romance (Book 2, First Crush Series)

  Peyton still has a major problem. His crush Amber totally wants him. He needs to figure out if he still loves her. Things move fast at the local party school and Peyton is now a bonafide chick magnet. In college, beautiful girls are everywhere, Peyton Pieters finds himself falling for his new crush April, but his ex Amber has other plans. Love is a dangerous game especially when you’re your own worst enemy. The Loner in the Static is (Book 2) in the First Crush Series. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Places Left Unfilled

Seeking solace from her mother’s abuse, fourteen-year-old Morgan finds comfort in a newfound friendship with Bill, her forty-five-year-old martial arts instructor. But when Bill reveals that his interest in her isn’t entirely paternal, Morgan must decide what’s more powerful – her fear of what he desires, or her desperate need for his affection. ... [Read More...]

Free: She’s Mine Now

He’s known as Doctor Sexy. Great. Just what I need. As a single mom, I’m concerned about my little girl and rebuilding my life. My ex is a piece of work, and I ain’t talking about art. I’ve sworn off men for forever, even while facing the wedding fever that’s spilling over from my best friend’s wedding. But there’s something about the doc. He’s way more than he appears to be. And he cares about his patients and his staff. *Eye roll* Nope. Seriously. He’s a billionaire from som... [Read More...]