Free: Killer Among Us: Public Reactions to Serial Murder

In ‘Killer Among Us’, be prepared to peer into the profound abyss of societal reaction to serial murder. This isn’t just another true crime story—it’s an invitation to journey into the heart of community reaction, where every neighbor could be a suspect, and fear becomes a daily reality. Dare to step inside? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Dear Self

This 224-page bitesize self-help book uncovers love, loss, grief, healing, self-discovery and hope through pieces of prose and interactive chapters filled with truth residing at the heart of the human condition. Pieces that have been adored by millions of readers all around the world are bundled together in this tender collection that Ruby has carefully compiled to aid everyone on their healing journey. This book is for everyone who wants to move on and embrace happiness. This book is for every... [Read More...]

Enlightenment Myth-Busting

Do you believe that enlightenment is reserved for ascetics in white robes, hidden away in Himalayan caves? Think again! Enlightenment Myth-Busting is here to shatter the myths that have held you back from your own, highest recognition. In this radical book, Julie fearlessly dismantles the misconceptions that have woven themselves into our understanding of enlightenment, especially in the Western world. She challenges the notions that you must be a vegetarian, meditate every day, or adopt a parti... [Read More...]

I’m Not a Mannequin

R.B. O’Brien’s highly anticipated fifth collection of poetry comes with a fitting title, because there is nothing plastic or fake or synthetic about the art of being human. You’ll find no forced rhymes or antiquated strict forms here, just a simple beauty in the complex emotions of the unexpected–and sometimes expected–moments we live, one at a time and all at once. From sensuality to love to romance to nature and death, O’Brien shows us our human spirit in verse: A world wh... [Read More...]

CareGivers ScareTakers: Exposing Fraud in Senior Care

Do you know if your trusted caregiver is ripping off your parents? What can you do to protect your loved ones? How can you find the best qualified caregiver? Families struggled to find dependable, trusted care. These true stories are but a glimpse that exposes fraud and manipulation by unscrupulous caregivers. Through these stories, you will learn to identify subtle hints that expose a dishonest caregiver. You’ll discover resources, tips on hiring and managing your caregiver and some basic es... [Read More...]

Help Me Talk To Anyone: Eight Skills You Need to Overcome Social Anxiety and Enhance Your Relationships (The Help Me Series)

Conquer the dread of social interactions and turn awkward silences into witty banter. Does the idea of approaching a stranger make your heart race and your palms slick with nervous sweat? Do you turn into a shrinking violet during conversations, sneaking glances at the floor instead of making eye contact, keeping your thoughts to yourself for fear of uttering something cringeworthy? Do you avoid social gatherings or parties like the plague because the thought of engaging in small talk sends shi... [Read More...]


One fateful winter night, a famous racehorse mysteriously broke his leg while alone in his stall. An investigation ensued, but the real story has never been told…until now. Author Fred M Kray reveals insider-only details and, in order to discover the truth, embarks on a major investigation—one that leads to an unexpected and startling conclusion. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Workbook: Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

This workbook is a succinct, condensed version of the original bestselling book Outlive, and is intended to help you implement every nugget of wisdom in it. With Medicine 3.0, you can increase not only your life span but also your health span. You can add more happy, healthy years to your life. PLUS: It includes a downloadable audiobook version? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Non-Fiction for Newbies : How to Write a Factual Book and Actually Kind of Enjoy It

Are you ready to write your first nonfiction book? Of course not, or you would have done it by now! Perhaps it’s time to enlist the help of a professional. The idea of writing a book may be scary or challenging, but Lauren Bingham is back with a guide for the nonprofessional writer who is somehow drawn to the world of nonfiction. Known for her tips on how to write fiction and nonfiction books, Ms. Bingham focuses on the different types of nonfiction books and the elements that go into making ... [Read More...]

Rough Waters

Competitive ParaSurfer Heather C. Markham is no stranger to rough waters. At age thirty-four, she received a life-changing diagnosis: she had a progressive muscular dystrophy & would need a wheelchair. With humor & candor, Rough Waters chronicles Heather’s decline in mobility and determination to live a life full of laughter, sand and salt water. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]