Free: The Infinet Directives

The Infinet Directives

A year after helping the AI called the Infinet save the world from a deadly computer virus, Oreste Pax has returned to connecting his Univiz mixed-reality glasses to a brain-computer interface. When Lila Kendricks, one of the alpha testers, discovers she can manipulate real-world objects using only her mind, everything seems like it’s back on track.

But then the Infinet is reprogrammed with the Three Laws of Robotics in reverse and the world is thrown into chaos. As the full power of the Infinet is unleashed, Paxs team is forced to run for their lives. They must unravel the logic of its new Directives and the implications for humanity, all while avoiding being detected. Because the one thing they’re certain of is that if the Infinet finds them, they’re dead. Free on Kindle.
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