Free: GOD IS SPEAKING 3: Visions, Dreams & Voices

GOD IS SPEAKING 3: Visions, Dreams & Voices by Andy Ripley is a compelling examination of the ways in which God has spoken to His people through visions & dreams, and also explores the different voices that God has spoken with – for example, the voice of a Father, a Husband to His people, and a judge.. In this third volume of the series, Ripley delves deep into the supernatural realm and provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the powerful messages that have been co... [Read More...]

Free: Struggling with God & Origins: A Personal Story

This is a story about struggling with God. As a freshman college student, Denis Lamoureux lost his boyhood Christian faith because of evolution. With no spiritual foundation, he made medical school his idol and eventually became an immoral atheist. Yet by God’s grace, and in an answer to his mother’s prayers, Denis read the Gospel of John and fell in love with the Prince of Peace while serving in the military as a United Nations peacekeeper on the island of Cyprus. This is also a story abou... [Read More...]

Free: My American Heritage: Our Nation Under Attack from Within

Ride with me on my rambling motorcycle. Fly with me as I soar on hang-gliders high above mountains from New England to the Cumberland Plateau, and feel the wind in my sails on inland lakes from Lake Erie to the Northern Gulf Coast. Witness this journey through our American landscape and gain a deeper understanding of forces driving our personal and national destinies. The carefree days of youth have changed. We cannot ignore the reality of controversial issues like civil rights, justice, Vietna... [Read More...]

THE DISCIPLE: What It Means to Follow Jesus

In THE DISCIPLE: What It Means to Follow Jesus, author Andy Ripley invites readers into a deeper understanding of what it truly means to follow Jesus Christ. Drawing from personal experience and the teachings of Christ, Ripley shares practical insights and wisdom that are sure to inspire and challenge readers. Through biblical lessons, Ripley explores the importance of surrendering control to God, developing a heart of humility, and living a life of radical obedience. He also delves into the ro... [Read More...]

THE DISCIPLE – What it Means to Follow Jesus

A sober look at the costs and the benefits of being a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ. In the western world, the teaching about Christian discipleship has been heavy on the blessings and woefully weak on the difficulties associated with following the Lord. The truth is that the call to be a true disciple is at once the most challenging call, and the most exciting adventure one could embark upon. Available for preorder. Released on June 3, 2023.. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Unanswered Prayer: What Do You Do When God is Silent – 30-Day Devotional

Welcome to the elite club of waiting…on God! What do you do when God is silent? This devotional explores feelings, real feelings, and steps to take when very long periods of time have passed and your most intimate prayer requests remain unanswered by God. Unanswered Prayer – What Do You Do When God is Silent is an encouraging tool that will help you find peace and direction as you anxiously await your God-given answer to your most precious prayers. Linda offers insightful thoughts o... [Read More...]

The Golden Virtue: Unveiled

In a contemporary story of a woman’s inner voyage, a loving roadmap to spiritual enlightenment is depicted with divine lessons for those who seek to conquer their suffering and become illuminated with truth. A series of ailments and diseases forced Ysabel Meyer, a beautiful, accomplished journalist, mother, and wife, to retreat inward and reveal the source of all her sufferings. This revealed a sequence of synchronicities that unraveled her journey towards enlightenment. Through Divine co... [Read More...]

The Wisdom Answer: Equipping Teens Living in a Culture of Deception An Interaction Journal Based on Proverbs 1-9

Do your teens recognize the sticky web of cultural deception? Can they identify its tactics of influence and control? Are they prepared to avoid its grasp, or could they fall victim to its counterfeits? Because we’re designed by God, He knows how we function best. We could say, “We come with instructions.” Using this journal, teens will examine Scripture line-by-line and story-by-story through the first nine chapters of Proverbs. They will learn how poor choices lead to unwanted consequen... [Read More...]

Free: Unveiling the Mask: The Beginning of a Lifelong Journey Toward Faith and Acceptance

Many people find that wearing a mask to protect who they really are is very beneficial to them and others. People will hide who they truly are because they are afraid and haven’t come to terms that it is okay to be you. Life experiences are put into place for each one of you to overcome throughout this journey, which will help you grow even more. Unveiling the Mask is part of a series of events that will lead you to understand who you are as a person. You will become a master at deceit in oth... [Read More...]