Free: Duplicitous Woes (Thrilling Romance Novel)

A woman in her early forties finally succumbed to her carnal desires which led her to commit adultery with a man much younger than herself. She did her best to keep her affair a secret from her strict husband who was a renowned Bishop in the community. Yes, she became an unfaithful wife, but it wasn’t without proper reason. Something happened during her childhood that caused her to lose track of her newborn offspring. For more than two decades she had been suffering great emotional strife tha... [Read More...]

Scorpions of the Deep

There are more things in Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy… Sarah’s not a believer, but when horror strikes, she must face the unknown before one of the dark things she doesn’t believe in uses her broken soul against her. If you like horror in your urban fantasy, check out this tale of a war of the human heart vs. evil. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ours To Hold: The Brotherhood Series (Book 1)

The Lady: Keira is a young black data scientist. Her life is threatened when she discovers proof that could destroy her past employer’s billion-dollar company. While on the run with her new bosses ( Troy, Jamal, and Eric ) she realizes they are more than just her protectors. As Kiera runs from one dangerous situation to another, will she lose her heart to all three men along the way? The Men: Troy, Jamal, and Eric have been homeboys since back in the day. They have shared women in the past bu... [Read More...]

Free: Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies

ONCE UPON A TIME… Chapter 1. A California girl named Barb met her prince of a guy. He was tall, dark, and handsome. (Actually, he was a Republican. But he was definitely tall.) They fell in love, and got married. Chapter 2. He brought her to his castle in England and they lived happily ever after. THE END. Luckily, 35+ years of living happened between Chapters 1 and 2, giving Barb plenty of material for this collection (in no particular chronological order) from her newspaper columns, art... [Read More...]

Free: Yuka’s Way Home

Get ready to follow Yuka the caribou on his unexpected adventure as he meets new friends and finds his place in his new Arctic home. Yuka’s Way Home is a story about courage and perseverance, old friends and new ones, as well as fresh beginnings; an educational children’s book that is full of exciting adventures and amazing lessons to be learned along the way. Heartwarming to both parents and children alike, learn about the importance of caribou and the Sami culture in a fun and wonderful w... [Read More...]

Free: My Name is FRED

What can you say to a child or grandchild who doesn’t feel good about themselves or may not ‘fit in’? FRED is a purple frog who shares a life lesson perfect for preschoolers-first graders about acceptance of others. Detailed FREE Story Stretchers provide activities across multiple subjects and developmental skills. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain (Clean Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance Series Book 1)

A Cinderella Sweet Romance Fairytale Retelling… He must marry in 30 days to receive his inheritance. She is desperate to save her father’s ranch and only has 3 weeks to do it. They agree to a marriage-of-convenience with certain rules: 1)Keep it strictly business. 2)Do not fall in love. ... [Read More...]

Free: Her Fated Vampire

There’s no such thing as real vampires…right? Carly Henderson thought attending a posh party at the home of her best friend’s boss would be the same boring Halloween it had been for several years past. The last thing she expects is to spend a steamy night in an old crumbling castle. Apparently, though, things are not always as they appear, and it’s going to be a night she will never forget. Dominic Milani just made partner in his father’s big law firm. To celebrate... [Read More...]

Free: Darkbeam Part 1

Dark Beam Part 1 is the first book in the series of the Rubicon Blake Leaf’s life. He is the alpha of the Dragons roaming in Paegeia and fights his darkness on a daily basis. When Elena Watkins showed up at Dragonia Academy Blake needs to fight more than just his darkness. Finding out who Elena is, is more important than fighting his Darkness. ... [Read More...]