Free: Precursor Silicon

Embark on a captivating journey through “Precursor Silicon,” a thought-provoking science fiction short story by John Iovine that will challenge your perceptions of life and evolution. In a world where the discovery of carbon life forms has stirred a whirlwind of scientific, ethical, and existential questions, this book delves deep into the implications of such a groundbreaking finding. Follow PD4T, a character navigating a complex legal and scientific landscape, as he presents a car... [Read More...]

Free: One Visit

In sleepy, rural North Wales, Frankie Gibbs, a recently laid off, aimless twenty-year-old on Universal Credit, wants nothing more than to keep his younger brother out of the care system. He single-handedly takes this upon himself while their alcoholic, cocaine-addict, single-parent father, Guy Gibbs, heaps misery on their lives through systematic abuse and his never-ending wild parties. After Guy is sent to prison, Frankie is coerced into opening his home to Justin, an acquaintance from his sch... [Read More...]

Free: In the Dust

In the Dust is the debut novella from Australian writer Takani Dillon. The story is of Eddy Sky, a teenage misanthrope who firmly believes that the rules of society should not apply to him, nor to any truly free individual. Disillusioned by his upper-class family, his small-town Australia surroundings and the modern world in general, he leaves for the city, determined to make his own way & leave his own mark. Once there, he enters a strange world of corporate crime, where even drug dealers ... [Read More...]


Author Sue Quinones and her husband Jose adopted two Hispanic children. They thought adoption was a reasonable option for completing their family. Surprise! It was anything but ordinary. The second child, a baby girl, had several supernatural gifts from God. How do you protect a heavenly gifted child from the unknown? Read this unbelievable true story to find out. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Dark Tales Of Sorrow And Despair

Little Mothers -The villagers stand huddled at the edge of the river, frozen by the sight before them. Horrific. Inexplicable. Monstrous. Who would do such a thing? The townspeople have become used to vagrants lurking in their streets since the fall of the Soviet Union, while witless officials shake their heads at mounting unsolved crimes. But the river sees everything. The drunks, and the abusers. The poachers and thieves. The children who walk into the twilight, and never return. So many secr... [Read More...]

Free: The Kill Switch

The third installment of the dystopian, Nemo & Co. series. After The Taxi Driver kills himself and Nico Tucker, The Cleaner, Lachlan and Cale, find themselves caught in a web of intrigue featuring allies and a mysterious crime organization known as The Dragonheads. Will Ellen and Johnny Sue make it back to Headmays? Who is trustworthy and who isn’t? Will Nemo and Co. be finally defeated by triggering “The Kill Switch”? Or will Stella live to fight another day? The suspense... [Read More...]

Free: Asian Adventures A-Z

Can you name the Asian cities, food, holidays, and others from A-Z? Join us for a fun adventure as we journey through Asia from A-Z. Each page highlights the traditions and cultures of Asia’s beautiful countries while also teaching your little ones the alphabet! A is for Asia, the continent. A is for Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. A is also for beautiful áo dài dresses worn by Vietnamese women. B is for Bangkok. B is for Bhutan. B is also for bibimbap, rice served in hot stone bowls i... [Read More...]

Free: The Day I Discovered a Dinosaur Bone?!

Have you ever discovered a dinosaur bone? Three brothers, Owen, Finn and Dez really want to find a dinosaur bone. After searching everywhere, Finn finally finds a fossil! Is it a Tyrannosaurus rex, a hadrosaur or is it something just as old? Let’s find out! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Charley’s Christmas Wolf

Rafe Maccon is the Alpha of the Macconwood Pack, for now. His rule is being questioned by a rogue Wolf who wants him ousted for breaking an ancient law that states the Alpha must be mated! He must find a mate to keep his position. Seeing their Alpha in trouble, Rafe’s Wolf Guard take it upon themselves to find one for him. Charley Palmieri works a dead end job and lives alone with her cat until one night when her world is changed forever. Instant attraction sparks between them. Can Rafe c... [Read More...]

Free: Sons of Brutality

Los Angeles is in the grip of terror as two serial killers are dropping bodies throughout the city. One is killing in the name of justice; the other is killing in the name of obsession. When the mutilated bodies of two young women are found murdered in the Hollywood Hills, with an inverted cross branded into their chest, Detective Addison Mowbray is convinced that the killer must be driven by a fascination with the occult. Set against a backdrop of urban bleakness and social inequality, Sons of... [Read More...]