Free: Winds from the Past

Larriane arrived in the panhandle of Florida with hope, a new job, and a new identity. Alone in the world, she was welcomed by the Clere’s Restaurant clan. Like the winds from the hurricane that came barreling down on her sanctuary, she should’ve known she couldn’t run away from her past. All Clere’s Restaurant stories are stand-alone. Grab your copy today. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

In A New York Minute

Dive into “In A New York Minute” a gripping tale of ingenuity, duty, and the unwavering human spirit. This electrifying novel by Robert Aliano takes readers on the open road with Dennis Nicoli, a lone motorcyclist who unwittingly embarks on a journey far more treacherous than his tranquil ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains could ever imply. A seemingly ordinary refuel at a backroad relic hub abruptly shifts gears when Nicoli is entangled in a clandestine plot that threatens to sh... [Read More...]

Free: Foreign to Me: Journey of a Dark Shaman (Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy Book 1)

Jack Daw finally had it with his pointless, go-nowhere existence. His life was useless, just as people had told him many times. It seemed with him being queer and having a disfigured face, life was stacked against him. He was a freak in every way. And then it got so much worst when he was diagnosed with a crippling neurological movement disorder. Nearing 40 years old, Jack could see his life slipping away. After an awful day at work where his boss sexually assaulted him, Jack decided he would g... [Read More...]

The Nine

Hannah Webber fears she will never be a mother, but her prayers are finally answered when she gives birth to a son. In an era of high-stakes parenting, nurturing Sam’s intellect becomes Hannah’s life purpose. She invests body and soul into his development, much to the detriment of her marriage. She convinces herself, however, that Sam’s acceptance at age fourteen to the most prestigious of New England boarding schools overseen by an illustrious headmaster, justifies her choices. When he a... [Read More...]

A Trial of Innocents

A special needs man is caught savagely beating a pregnant woman, leaving her in a coma, her unborn baby dead. Prosecuting Attorney Lori Franks, beautiful and ruthless, will stop at nothing to advance her career, seeks the death penalty. When a chance meeting followed by DNA testing confirms the baby she sought to abort was switched at birth, she sues to gain custody of the little girl she once tried to kill. Defense attorney Danial Solomon is drawn into both cases. Sparks and attraction fly as ... [Read More...]

Free: Twelve Days of Fruitcake

A delightful Christmas story that begins when an old woman gives a special fruitcake to her friend. The friend, in turn, gives it to someone else. For twelve days the fruitcake exchanges hands, improving the life of everyone who receives it. Charming, heartwarming, and magical. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Christmas with an Alaskan Man

She is the woman of his dreams, but she has a secret that could tear them apart. Jazmine Campbell is a therapist, but that doesnt mean she never struggles with sharing her feelings. In fact, theres one thing she never told anyone since admitting it out loud is too painful. Years ago, her doctor told her she cant have children, and although it rips her up inside, she lets everyone think she doesnt have a husband and children because shes too focused on her career. Clay Drover may look like a mou... [Read More...]

Santa Clay

Meg Mott, lover of all things Christmas, scrapes together a meager heap of gifts for her family. Although they are grieving the loss of their Christmas-crazed parents, Meg and her sisters (named for Christmas spices) enlist friends and an unlikely Santa to provide Christmas for a needy family, but can they pull off a magical Christmas just a few days before the big day? Add in some romance, a nosy neighbor whos determined to spoil everything, and gifts from beyond the grave, and Santa Clay may ... [Read More...]

Lies, Lust, and Larceny: How to Retire for Free in Scandinavia

Identical Twin sisters, Lilah and Laylah Larceny take off for Norway to trick the Norwegian police into arresting them so they can retire for free in a posh Norwegian prison. Things don’t turn out quite the way they expected though and there are a lot of twists and turns to keep the reader entertained. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]