Free: Whiskey and Suicide

Whiskey and Suicide paints a kaleidoscope of myriad emotions of the Indian middle class families. In a very informal storytelling style, it narrates the dilemmas of the urban families in dealing with the conflicting emotions arising due to contradictory desires. It is the bonds of family and friendship that allow the protagonists to deal with these crises which are depicted by Manik Bal in a detached but empathetic narrative style reminiscent of the great slice of life storytellers of the east ... [Read More...]

Free: From Da Big Island – Screenplay and Novel

Both the screenplay and novel are combined into this one-volume book. How could Hawaii change a New Yorker? With her life in peril, Ruth, needing solitude and change, leaves the Big Apple for the Big Island of Hawaii. She deals with the islands’ customs, her unusual neighbors, marijuana, pigs, and more. Is this the change she expected? FIND OUT NOW! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Anne Frank on Tour and Other Stories

This imaginative short story collection starts fast as Anne Frank survives World War II and becomes a literary star, and Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson agree to an interview that becomes quite candid, and a lonely husband picks up the wrong female hitchhiker. There are also stories about speed dating, people in distress, and famous musicians. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Home I left

A journey home reveals more than John could ever have imagined secrets, loss, and the surprising power of redemption. After years of service, John Furst settled into a low-key bureaucratic post within the US military, coordinating funeral arrangements for soldiers. With a loving woman in his corner, and a punchy work crew he enjoys, he could ride this thing out to retirement. Then a call comes in. His father’s cracking voice informs John that his disliked elder brother has suddenly died. ... [Read More...]

100 Heartwarming Short Stories for Seniors

Are you searching for the perfect gift to brighten the lives of your beloved elderly women and men? Look no further and dive into a treasure trove of 100 heartwarming, easy-to-read short stories that will whisk you away on a nostalgic journey! Yearning for the years gone by? Seeking a way to keep your mind and soul engaged and entertained? Longing to share stories with newfound friends? Curious about the wisdom hidden within lifes simple moments? Join us between the pages of 100 Heartwarming Sh... [Read More...]

Fantastically Twisted: The Fairy Tales Book of Wickedly Entertaining Stories

Beloved classics? Yes. Same stories? Absolutely not. Featuring 12 Short Stories where each one takes a well-known Fairy Tale and propels them into uncharted territories creating surprising perspectives that challenge the very essence of the original tales. Note from Author: These are NOT Grandma’s Bedtime Stories. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: A Vengeful Realm: The Scales of Balance – Book 1

Peace bought by blood seldom lasts, for vengeance knows no end. The same is true for mortals and Gods alike. Decades, centuries, eras may pass, but the cycle remains. As war and revolution rise again, Zephyrus finds himself at the center of it all. Chosen by the Gods, hailed as a prophet of liberation, and forged as a weapon to break the kingdom and restore balance to the realm, hope rests squarely on his shoulders. If only he could remember… Enslaved as a gladiator and thrust into a prince�... [Read More...]

Shit that We Should Never Pass Along, And All That We Cannot Leave Behind

In late 1980s rural Kansas, Mara finds herself taking on more than she can chew. Mara’s mother is a woman arguably ahead of her own time when it comes to the investigative day job she holds, and her own progressive take and unwanted oversharing of her thoughts on the day’s larger social justice issues. Mara’s story allows the reader to start their journey following her mother’s divorce from Mara’s abusive stepfather, and make the move with Mara, her two youngest sisters, and her mothe... [Read More...]