The Soul of Ruby Lord

A cursed lineage. A demonic siege. The inevitable embrace of death. Born to a bloodline that was cursed by Lucifer himself generations ago, Ruby is caught in a relentless battle to keep her daughters untouched by their familys dark legacy. No corner of her life is safe from the demonic forces that plague them. Caught in the malevolent schemes of a demon, Muth, Ruby and her daughters have their everyday existence turned into a fight for survival against hellish foes. Muth is hell-bent on draggin... [Read More...]

Stand in the Box

After the horrific car crash which killed their parents, twelve-year-old Kristin and nine-year-old Megan try to cope with a new world after their parents were suddenly ripped from their lives. A touching story of family tragedy and the efforts to show their resolve will keep you turning pages to the final outcome expect the unexpected. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pierre and the Rise of the Kitty Nation

Complete with prison escapes, Halloween shenanigans, family reunions, a race of magical birds, and other exciting adventures, our story follows the heartwarming exploits of a cat named Pierre, who aims to give voice to kitties everywhere through his newly created Kitty Nation. Go on an emotional journey thats sprinkled with humor, affection, risk, and rescue. Fall in love with a group of highly entertaining kitties who know the meaning of camaraderie and teamwork. Enjoy their budding relationsh... [Read More...]

Free: Bruised (Book 1 in the Bruised Series)

When Baltimore Homicide Detective Lisa Swanson and her partner Dee Quarter are called to investigate the murder of Ernest Juarez, Lisa meets wheelchair user Jake Jenson, a man determined to find his best friends killer at all costs. Jake is instantly attracted to the standoffish Lisa yet cant understand why Lisa keeps him at arms length. What Jake feels is resistance toward him, is really Lisas distrust of men caused by a previous relationship centered on domestic violence. Lisa desperately sea... [Read More...]

Cutter Kauai Sea Adventures

Follow the exciting adventures of young Coast Guard Lieutenant Ben Wyporek and his heroic crew on board the U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat Kauai. Aging patrol boat USCGC Kauai is taken from the normal hurly-burly of Coast Guard operations and upgraded with the latest stealth, engineering, and electronic technology by the Director of National Intelligence. Kauai’s new milieu? Be the first responder for sensitive and vital missions in Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Complete covert ... [Read More...]

Cynthia and the Blue Cat’s Last Meow

“It is truly one of the best things I’ve read in years.” — Robin Theiss, writer, editor, former president of the St. Louis Writers Guild. Cynthias world is full of fury and fishing, moonlight and candlelight, magical red berries and howling caverns, a land where many of us would like to visit, and a few do, briefly in our youth. Perhaps we all secretly want to explore such places of the soul where we dream of blue cats and hearts capable of idyllic and adventurous sensua... [Read More...]

Death on the Grand Strand

Death on the Grand Strand Maintenance men are during their routine of dragging the ponds, to retrieve lost golf balls, on an exclusive Golf Club in South Carolina. To their surprise and shock, they discover the body of a man, his mouth stuffed with golf balls. BJ Gleeson, residing in Louisiana, is called by a good friend, to investigate the murder on behalf of the Grand Strand Golf Club. BJs relationship with his fiance, Lieutenant Karen Gagne from the New Orleans Police Department continues to... [Read More...]