The Humbling and Other Poems

An “Editor’s Pick” in the June 20, 2022 issue of Publishers Weekly, this masterful, inspiring, and critically-acclaimed debut poetry collection features over 100 memorable poems on humility, hope, love, justice, peace, and more. Fans of Robert’s poetry will be elated to find Obsidian with Sheens of Gold, Interior Kingdom, The Song of Walt Is Our Song, Amid the Jersey Turnpike Whales, Love’s Special Relativity, the Phoenix poems, and many other favorites are include... [Read More...]

Dead Letters

“If you want to find me, search within these pages.” Bestselling author Richard Debden is missing. The only clue: a copy of his unpublished final novel delivered to his ex-girlfriend, Amy. When Richard’s closest reunite for his memorial, Amy turns to his former best friend, to help unravel the mystery. Can they unlock the secrets of Dead Letters, or will more sinister forces get there first? $3.76 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

When You Get Older

They call it custody, a term used for prisoners, but maybe it’s all one and the same with these unjust systems we’re forced to live with, vindictive mothers we’re forced to accept. When You Get Older is an emotional story told through poems of a bright young uncle and his relationship with his older brother and niece. Due to his parents’ absence throughout his life, he’s always looked up to his older brother like a father figure–and his niece is more like a little sister to him. He ... [Read More...]

Free: Juxtapositions from the Good Vibe Lounge

Set in Central New Jersey, the Good Vibe Trilogy is a coming-of-age story following the lives of two young people raised in diverse yet dysfunctional environments during the late 1970s. When their lives connect, it impacts the destinies of their friends and family over a forty-year span. Volume One, The Paradise We Create, introduces Andrew ‘Drew’ Reubens. As a teen, he is a girl-crazy, self-involved kid at the center of a clique of performing arts geeks. One of the many females in his sphe... [Read More...]

My Best Friend’s Hot Billionaire Brother: An Opposites Attract, Neighbor Next Door Romance

In the middle of a tragedy, I never thought I would fall for my best friend’s brother. But I also never thought my best friend would pass away. When Trevor comes to settle his brother’s affairs, we bond over the passing of Del. And bonding we definitely did. We couldn’t be any more different. I’m a struggling artist and he’s a billionaire. But the chemistry is undeniable. What started out as a casual friendship soon exploded into rolling in the sheets. But soon my best friend�... [Read More...]

Free: Atlanta Fish Fry

Life’s a Fish and then you Fry Growing up as a kid in Louisiana, AJ Joiner’s all-time favorite thing was his grandmoh’s Fish Fry. Now that he’s all grown up in Atlanta, GA, AJ is working a job he doesn’t like and living in a neighborhood he doesn’t love – at first. But when gentrification threatens to strip the community of its authentic charm, AJ hosts a Fish Fry to get to know his neighbors, and he begins to fall in love with each one, despite their eccentricities. But this tigh... [Read More...]

They Called Me Margaret

Margaret Manning has spent the better part of her life conforming to the expectations of other people–her father, then her husband. Breaking away from this ruinous tradition, she becomes a cozy mystery writer and decides to open her own bookstore “Thn’e Indie Book Nook.” But when her husband mimics the behaviors of some of the more unscrupulous characters in her books, she fears that she is losing him, or even worse that she is losing her mind. While abandonment is nothi... [Read More...]