Free: Torn Pages Orpheus

In 1925, Tom and his girlfriend Daisy disappeared at a local carnival, along with six of their friends and two circus “freaks”. This is the untold story of how, as the trees around the carnival came alive, Tom and Daisy sought to escape with Alice Collins, who offered them a getaway into a mysterious multiverse of books. Together, they used bicycles to travel along a world of classic literature; all the white evading monstrous, man-eating trees Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Inheritance and Other Dark Tales

Dark, atmospheric stories for lovers of haunting tales. The nine tales in this collection take place in different settings and time periods, ranging from the 1800s through to the 1980s. Demons, ghosts, and other malevolent forces await you in this spine-chilling collection sure to keep you awake well into the early hours of the morning. “The Inheritance and Other Dark Tales is not for the faint of heart… a thrilling read for fans of horror “- Readers’ Favorite 5/5 $2.99 ... [Read More...]

24/7 Demon Mart Books 1-3

One loser, one talking cockroach, and one karate-chopping bombshell are all that stand between YOU and hell on earth. Dig into the first THREE books of the 24/7 Demon Mart series. More than 750 pages of laugh-out-loud horror comedy, chock full of zombies, Lovecraftian hell beasties, and unemployed grim reapers. Perfect for fans of Evil Dead 2 and Shaun of the Dead. Includes: Book 1: The Graveyard Shift Lloyd Wallace is the most clueless crossing guard the intersection of hell and earth has ever... [Read More...]

Prayers for Evil: A Novel

Fear descends on a small Maine village like falling autumn leaves when an ancient curse rises up from the ashes of dark medieval rituals and the Nazi obsession with the occult. Chris arrives in Maine with his little daughter to take on a new job assignment. On the rebound from an ugly breakup, he seeks a new life and a fresh start. As summer fades to autumn he finds new career challenges, new friends, and a sizzling new romance. But another newcomer unleashes a sinister force that lashes out at... [Read More...]

Go To Hell

Alex is an aspiring novelist stuck in a tech marketing career. When his latest literary attempt proves to be just another failure, Alex runs into an old high school friend who claims to get anything he wants. His friend sees Alex’s intrigue and confides in him: he has sold his soul. To the devil. Soon, Alex is confronted by the devil herself who makes him a tempting offer: build a growth marketing campaign for Hell to acquire one million souls before Easter. Success would save his soul an... [Read More...]

The Curse of Dark Sunrise

The sect, Dark Sunrise, pursues a teenage girl, Ana, who gets lost in the forest during the party, Momento Demento, in Croatia. Ana infiltrates the sect and becomes the leader’s mistress. The year after, a Serbian model, Tijana, and her team come to Momento Demento for a photo session. Victor, the leader of the sect, forcibly recruits her. Boris, a security guard secretly in love with Tijana, follows her and gets into trouble. After a few days, Tijana, Boris, and Saša will pass through the i... [Read More...]

Free: The Shadow on Wall Street

Tyson Edwards, a brash SEC enforcement attorney, opens an insider trading investigation into Vandimar Crowley, the eccentric head of Goldman Peters, Wall Street’s most powerful investment banking firm. Crowley has been making people millionaires overnight in exchange for their souls. But Tyson is not buying it. Tyson smells blood and pursues an aggressive investigation into the mysterious Crowley, determined to expose him for the fraud that he is. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]