Scared Shiftless

A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart… Who ever said you had to sacrifice fabulous for functional? Eventually I’d find her, the one who stole my abilities. Now I was stuck like this… As a water elemental, everything about me before was fluid… My shape, my gender… Hell, I didn’t even have a gender before… Whatever form was most appealing to my human prey… that’s the shape I’d take. Luring my prey to my watery lair through sex appeal and alluring song… I didn’t even ... [Read More...]

Freaky Florida Books 1-3: A Humorous Paranormal Omnibus

Welcome to Florida, land of the weird, where even vampires, werewolves, and other monsters come to retire. Join Missy Mindle, witch and home health nurse for supernaturals, on hilarious and hair-raising adventures to solve murders and right cosmic wrongs. If she manages to stay alive, that is. This box set is your ticket to the world of Freaky Florida. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Secrets of the Mermaid: A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy (The Keepers of Knowledge Series Book 6)

Meet Indigo Rain, a beautiful but lonely mermaid. Regretful of a dark past, she has vowed to remain alone and research ancient merfolk tribes. When she unearths a seabed burial site that even she cannot identify, she shares this with a High Council merfolk historian. But she keeps one shocking secret to herself. Bay Finley is the flirty, dashing royal merfolk Keeper assigned to teach Indigo on Pyreshore, a glamoured city of supernaturals tasked with keeping invaluable knowledge alive. Indigo th... [Read More...]

Free: Demonic Triangle (Doomed Cases Book 1)

A missing royal. A love triangle. Can Maxine crack the case before her heart is ripped in two? Maxine Brodeur has spent the past year recovering from a devastating breakup with Prince Arthur — the realm’s future king. She’s kept a low profile as a half-human/half-demon, spending her days running “Doomed Cases,” a private supernatural agency. After illegally revealing her powers to save a human girl from attack, she gets an ominous letter bearing the royal seal. Rather than being p... [Read More...]

Betty Buick – The Next Teen

Witches, human traffickers, and cranks who believe they can reach Mars without a spaceship. That was okay until they began abducting teenagers as human guinea pigs, and some turned up dead. The media storm that followed created its own problems. Add to that police corruption and the fact this all happens around Christmas and those assigned to the investigation were bound to think Christmas was canceled. ... [Read More...]