The Journey

Story of small town boy’s rise to top of business world through hard work, education and a desire to make his family proud. It starts in Cherry tree, Pa. , a small town of less than 500, and follows his journey through college, the military, public accounting and industry and finally, retirement. It includes success and failure and what can happen if one believes and is not willing to give up. It is a story of perseverance. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Secret War of 1834

Happening just beneath the veneer of recorded history. A doctor, while trying to find a cure for his wife and son, who are dying of tuberculosis, inadvertently concocts a zombie-like plague that is spreading across the population of a young and tender nation. It is up to a small band of heroes to champion the cause. Sergeant Chambers and his family, Nektosha the Native American lad, John the trapper, and others must fight to contain the threat to the country, get help, and find the cause of the... [Read More...]

Free: Fearless: A Dark Tale from Innsmouth

Innsmouth University is a place with a sinister past and a terrifying present. Two brilliant students, involved in illicit and unethical practices, believe they have found a cure for fear. The unwitting subjects of their experiments are subjected to a range of horrors as the students try to discover if it is possible for any individual to be truly fearless. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Queen Trick

City of Angels? Only if this witch makes a deal with the Devil… Queen Trick rules Hollywood, using her powers to grant charisma and success to starlets and studio heads alike. But dark magic is a cruel monarch, demanding a constant flow of fresh energy, and this lucky witch is running out. Evander Bliss rules the city’s underworld with a gun in each iron fist—and he’ll do anything to own Queen Trick. Even offering to gift her a huge source of power…with strings very much attached.... [Read More...]

Essential F-Words for Teens: The 117 Things You Need to Know Before Graduation

Have you ever said to yourself, If I only knew then what I know now? Have you wondered how much easier life would be if your teenage self was armed with the knowledge you have today? What if teens had access to a universal cheat code to help them develop foundational success habits before graduation? What if a road map existed that would point them in the right direction throughout their life’s journey? As an adult, how might your life be different if you had access to such tools? Author Scot... [Read More...]

WWII Letters from England: Book 1: An American Soldier Writes Home

Six months after the bombing at Pearl Harbor, Charles “Muggins” Sommers was drafted into the US Army. Shipping out for England in 1943, he suggested to his wife they begin numbering their correspondence. By the time he arrived home, he had sent around five hundred letters filled with insightful and moving snapshots of the life of a U.S. soldier in England during the war. Susan Sommers Thurman’s WWII Letters from England chronicles the true stories of Burtonwood—the joint US-UK facility ... [Read More...]

The Case of the French Fry Phantom

When potatoes start mysteriously disappearing all over town, eleven-year-old Dotty Morgan investigates. She discovers a sticky-fingered phantom is responsible for the thefts. But the mystery has only begun: Who summoned the phantom and why? With the help of her friends and her inventions, Dotty is determined to find out. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

KILL NOTICE: The Bowers Thriller Series (A Bowers Thriller Book 1)

DC’s psychopathic killer just singled out the only detective with the skills to outmatch his twisted game. “Devious, fast-paced and packed with relatable characters.” —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Dogs of War. A new kind of hero emerges on the streets of Washington. Kate Bowers is gritty, compassionate, and deadly. Her battle scars constantly remind her of the friends she lost in combat. Now one of DC’s top homicide detectives, she seeks justice for victims a... [Read More...]

Valkyrie Bestiary Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

A fae pest-controller with a soft heart can easily end up with an apartment full of rescues. And Kyra already has too many critters, including a basilisk who thinks he’s a turkey, a banshee nanny, and a pygmy kraken. She might take care of them, but they also fill her need for family. And when that family is threatened, she’ll risk everything to save them. Includes Bonus Prequel, Three Half Goats Gruff: One year before Kyra Greene meets dragon poachers in an old cemetery, she comes across an... [Read More...]

Adjoining Rooms

One kiss tore them apart. Will a second bring them back together? Knox Townsend can hardly believe it when he walks into Playgroundz Café to find his old high school crush, Trevor Channing, working the cash register. Once upon a time, the two shared a smoldering, passionate kiss while their prom dates were passed out … and never spoke of it again. Now Knox is back in town for the next week to upgrade the café’s coffee machines. But the only thing he really wants to upgrade are his fee... [Read More...]