Reconstructed – A Survivor’s Memoir

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes? Follow one man’s journey of positivity and resilience as he reconstructs his life after a near-fatal accident! Atta Ahmad was determined to make his dreams come true. So unwavering, in fact, that he was willing to forgo sleep just to reach his goals. Eventually, it caught up to him on September 5, 2015. That fateful day, an exhilarating road trip from Boston to Michigan turned into a fight for his life when his exhaustion drove him to fall ... [Read More...]

Judgment – The Innocent Suffering 2nd edition

This book, in its simple, concise, and apt characterization, would take you on a fantastic journey of in-depth understanding of our immutable realities as humans who simply sojourn the earth. The stories are impactful and the messages are edifying. Do you think Judgment is real? John Williams is about to find out. He abruptly emerges in a solitary room to reflect on his life and the poor decisions that led him to reject Christ. The solitary room meshes with John’s soul, presenting endless... [Read More...]

Burl: Journalism Giant and Medical Trailblazer

The riveting biography of Burl Osborne, former chairman of The Associated Press and publisher of The Dallas Morning News, who waged and won one of the last great newspaper wars in the U.S. Burl is the story of one man’s unlikely rise from the coal mines of Appalachia to the pinnacle of journalism. After being diagnosed with a fatal kidney disease as a child, Burl Osborne pioneered home dialysis treatment and became the 130th person to undergo a live kidney transplant in 1966—then an unprove... [Read More...]

Arbitrary and Capricious

Retired attorney, Sanders Pierce would rather spend his time painting in his art gallery, but when a former colleague, now general counsel of a major information technology asks him to investigate an improper disclosure of client information, he cannot resist. He insists he will abide by the standard of law, which could expose the firm to criminal liability. He gets assigned to a small office located in the bowels of the corporation where he interviews various employees and studies flow charts.... [Read More...]

Free: When the Pages Burn: Part 1 – Inheritance

Ethan can make people forget…for the right price of course. The catch is, he is slowly losing his own memories. After a botched job, Ethan is on the run with a young woman named Skylar. As they find themselves in a deepening hole of secrets, cover-ups, assassins and powerful enemies, Ethan and Skylar will have to learn to trust each other if they want to survive. To get to the bottom of why they are being hunted, Ethan will have to face his own dark past. Because in this world, some have got ... [Read More...]


Once upon a time, there was a code made by just and noble men. A code of knights, heroes and horsemen that adhered to the highest levels of social, moral and spiritual values. Chivalry. A lifestyle born of the qualities expected in an ideal man, Chivalry is a rule of honor, courtesy, generosity, bravery, justice and readiness. Some say Chivalry is dead. Birthed in the twelfth century, it must be so old it has all but turned to dust. But, valor, courage, heroism and kindness do not go out of sty... [Read More...]

Evie Parker Lady Sleuth Mysteries Books 1 & 2: 1920s Historical Cozy Mysteries: House Party Murder Rap & Murder at the Tea Party

Lighthearted 1920s cozy mysteries with a cast of unique and quirky characters tackling mysteries in country estates, villages, and the bright lights of the roaring twenties. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Ugly Puppy

“You see, your differences bring beauty to this world.” In this empowering spin on the classic story “The Ugly Duckling”, you’ll meet a puppy with a rainbow-colored nose who is proud to be different. On her journey to find a kind friend who accepts her for her differences, she confronts many obstacles, until she meets a special character who reminds her that her differences are her greatest beauty. This lovely interpretation of the classic fairy tale offers hope and reassurance to chi... [Read More...]