Mystery Man Secret

Mystery Man Secret
No sane woman would ever deny herself the treat of going to bed with Brett Hughes.
But if there is anything I’m well known for…it’s doing the unexpected.

He’s mouth-watering and irresistible.
A talented, well-known lawyer who knows how to get exactly what he wants.
The perfect recipe for any woman’s ideal man. Except me, apparently.

For one, I’m a virgin. I may have everyone convinced I’m some wild, promiscuous party girl,
But the truth is, I’ve never gone all the way before.
Well, until last night anyway.

Had I really thrown my first time away on some drunken one-night stand?
Or is it just a vivid, sexy dream that keeps playing over and over again in my mind?
Either way, spontaneously losing my virginity to someone else was not a part of the plan.
Neither was falling in love with Brett…right around the same time I discover I’m pregnant.

Too bad the mystery man of my dreams and our secret baby…are the only things standing between me and the love of my life. $0.99 on Kindle.

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