Lethal Target

If you like Mark Dawson, Steven Leather, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, you will love this heart-stopping thriller. A violent encounter forces Jack Kane to emerge from a life in hiding, where he had hoped his wife and children would be safe. He must go on the run and fight for the lives of those he holds most dear. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Cleopatra Cipher

A priceless treasure. An ancient secret society. A race against time to save countless lives… Former FBI profiler Adrian West is in Rome for a history conference when she learns that her friend and colleague, Dr. Sebastian Rossi, has been abducted. When another of his colleagues is found murdered, and Adrian framed for the crime, it’s a race against time to prove her innocence, find Sebastian before it’s too late, and stop the secret of a powerful ancient queen from causing the loss o... [Read More...]

Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis

You know the saying ” Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer”. This saying couldn’t apply to someone more so than Grant Davis. He’s a man that woke up one morning only to discover his world had been turned upside down by his so called friends that are dedicated to his demise. But with friends like these, who needs enemies? Now, Grant is running for his life from both sides of the law! WHO OKAYED THIS?! This is the diary of the riveting life of Grant Davis. $0.99 on Kindle.... [Read More...]

Free: Gavel to Gavel

A wealthy business tycoon is viciously stabbed to death by his wife. The only eyewitness is their disabled young daughter. Her testimony is the key to the case. But is she telling the truth? Top prosecutor Mac MacIntyre is calm, confident, and hates to lose. What first appears to be an open-and-shut homicide case soon becomes a tangled web of deception and danger. Maneuvering through a maze of office politics, the bright glare of the media spotlight, and his own ethical dilemmas, Mac relies on ... [Read More...]

Free: Purrs and Peril – A Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery – Book 1

Kitty cats, coffee, cupcakes … and murder! Lauren, Annie, and Zoe run a popular cat café in California. Annie, a Norwegian Forest Cat, seats the customers and “chats” to them. When one of their customers is killed, can they solve the crime? Or will they be next? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Lone Wolf

Retired-Marine sniper and black ops operator Michael Wolfe is tired of the chaos created by greedy businessmen, clueless politicians and religious zealots. Withdrawing from the chaos, he sequesters himself and the woman he loves on a hidden parcel of land deep within the Ozark’s wilderness. When adversaries from his past conspire to assassinate him and his fiancée, he fights back with his most dangerous talent: The cunning of a lone wolf. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Awake As A Stranger: Awakening

What if YOU woke up living in someone else’s body? Naked. Alone. Afraid. The Awake As A Stranger trilogy follows the journey of Treaz and Omani. They reside on two different continents, yet each are trapped in deplorable realities—Treaz living within other people’s bodies and Omani being held captive on her uncle’s compound. Both long to regain control over their lives, escape their merciless captors, and expose the haunting truths facing them and the world. Can they find freedom togeth... [Read More...]

Pura Vida

Detroit homicide detective Jacob Miller has been accused of many things, but being smart isn’t one of them. The murder of drug dealer Willy is proof enough of that, but not covering it up is even worse. So why would he think that stealing a fellow inmate’s hidden fortune is any smarter, especially when an ex-mafia family head is after the same thing? But even the stupidest people have occasional flashes of brilliance, and Jacob is no exception. After being released from prison and m... [Read More...]

Free: The Cannabis Preacher, Sermon 3: A thrilling hunt for a ruthless killer, the uphill battle to rebrand a company, and a race against time to eliminate suspects … in one pulse-pounding financial thriller.

In the aftermath of a shocking murder, only one question is on the mind of everyone at Perfect Cannabis: Who killed Tadeo Ivers? As the investigation takes an unexpected turn, Rafael Covin is thrust into the spotlight of suspicion and forced to give up his leadership role at PerCan. The fragile bond between him and Kayla is put to the ultimate test, forcing them to navigate treacherous waters of doubt and loyalty, where the line between love and betrayal becomes dangerously blurred. Meanwhile, ... [Read More...]