Free: Urban Marriage 5: A Lesbian Marriage Stress Test

KINDLE: Contemporary Women’s Fiction SERIES Book 5: Two 50-something women succeed as Realtors in Florida and work to overcome challenges in their new marriage / Mature Christian audience / 157 pp / 13 reviews 4.3 avg Katie’s new marriage gets slammed with three bad events. Rejection by her daughter, anti-gay vandalism, her partner’s infidelity … was it all a mistake? But encouragement from a long-time friend and counsel from her pastor strengthens her resolve … and... [Read More...]

David’s Disaster: Embrace the Fear 2 (The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022)

For David Jordan life is close to perfect. His band, Embrace the Fear, is living the rock ‘n roll dream as an up-and-coming group under Masterson Management. They aren’t rolling in dough like their mentors from Social and Maiden, but things are good. David grew up in a middle-class family. Both his parents worked and supported him and his sisters in every way. To this day, they are still in love with each other. The one thing missing from David’s life is the same kind of connection hi... [Read More...]

Blinding Light

Easy Rian has been lead singer for Blinding Light since the band was formed. Through the years many things have changed. Not all of them good. When the lead guitarist leaves mid-tour, the rest of the band is left waiting to see if they’ll continue on to Rocktoberfest, or if this is where their tour ends. Liam Tarrant has been playing guitar for as long as he can remember, and has always had a crush on Easy, but he never thought he’d get the chance to meet him, let alone spend time alone wit... [Read More...]

QuickFame: A Novel

Felicia Scalding is a still-recognizable 1990s ex-popstar who is in a state of mental and financial desperation. Hard-working, street smart, and intelligent, but flawed. Gripped by a gambling addiction, and keen to rediscover the limelight after becoming the subject of a viral dance meme, she accepts a chance offer to resurrect her fame & fortune as a judge on TV talent show, QuickFame. QuickFame tracks her desperate to rebuild her life and career, lost through betrayal and addiction by sec... [Read More...]

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Gay Age Gap Romance Box Set

You don’t know what real love is till you’re with a real man. I’m tired of being with boys my age. Older men know how to satisfy all my urges. If you love steamy gay romances, grab this complete 3-book Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number Box Set. In this collection you will find: The New Bad Boy In Town Dear Professor My Protector $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Romeo’s Card

Elaine Romeo is a songwriter for the stars who lives with a secret magical curse. One fateful night, saving the life of singer, Delilah Pierce, means revealing her shapeshifting power. Now, since Romeo and Delilah have run across the country to save Delilah’s life from mystical forces? Romeo finds herself falling in love with her along the way. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]