Free: Fulfilled: The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy

Running a business can be discouraging, overwhelming, and lonely. Everything looks good from the outside, but on the inside, you’re struggling to take your business to the next level while still living your best life. What you need is a holistic strategy for running a stable company that makes money and allows you to sleep well at night. This might seem like a fairy tale, but it’s not. After years of research and honing their strategies, Kathryn and Michael K. Redman have developed a framew... [Read More...]

Free: Is Your Why Bigger Than Your But?: Simple Principles That Lead to Success in Sales and Life

“Is Your Why Bigger Than Your But?” by Buddy Swisshelm is currently available on Amazon. The book has received wonderful reviews and is regarded as informative and motivating by those who have read it. You can get your book right now if you’re ready to take the next step in your sales career. After over 40 years in sales and sales management, Buddy Swisshelm has developed a step-by-step program designed for anyone to become a master salesperson. With no sales experience and no... [Read More...]

Free: Giving Back!: Life and Leadership from the Farm to the Combat Zone and Beyond

Giving Back! Is a compilation of real-life events from a life lived in rural America and over a 30-year military career? It encapsulates the lessons of those times that have shaped Dave and helped him develop as a leader and mentor. Giving Back! shows lessons of how to effectively navigate in life, family, and friendships. The book outlines many stories and shares many nuggets of Dave’s life and lessons learned from each. The intimate stories are his way to give back, just as those people and... [Read More...]

Free: College Athletic Scholarships: The Path to Recruiting Success in the New Age of NIL, the Transfer Portal and Post COVID Scholarships

This is the first book written for the high school athlete and their parents looking for answers in the New Age of the Transfer Portal, NIL, in the Post COVID Scholarships. The book provides a real path of not just the “how’s” of being recruited in today’s maze of college sports the high school athlete will face, but the real life examples of college sports scholarships with the recent NCAA decisions that each student-athlete and their parents will be involved with over ... [Read More...]

Self Help Slut: Starting with a Clean Slate

In Self Help Slut: Starting with a Clean Slate, readers will learn how to understand their energy, identify their “energy field,” and learn to eliminate the negative influences and self-sabotaging beliefs collected over a lifetime. And Branham’s trademark colorful humor and entertaining stories will keep readers smiling while they learn. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Accidental Hypnosis: Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control Your Mind and Your Life

If you think hypnosis just happens on a stage, or if you believe it’s something someone does to you, your perception is about to change forever. The shocking truth is that many of the problems, habits, and limitations that haunt you are due to what Laura Temin calls, Accidental Hypnosis. And it happens right under your nose without your awareness. Discover the intentional and unintentional situations that create this powerful state. Find out how you can STOP it in its tracks. And learn ho... [Read More...]

Free: Trauma to Triumph : A Path to Wholeness, Happiness and Personal Power Through Awareness

Lynn’s personal path of intensive healing from the trauma of childhood emotional neglect, is described in detail as a guide for those who are on a similar quest for wholeness, happiness and personal power. This book includes simple exercises that introduce participants to various healing strategies ranging in topic, from embodiment, emotional integration, mindfulness practices, as well as cognitive, behavioural and other approaches to healing including using memory and imagination. The in... [Read More...]

Nordic Lifestyle

Ever wondered why people in the Nordic countries are said to be the happiest in the world? Nordic Lifestyle has been praised as the antidote to modern day busy-ness. If you liked the Little Book of Hygge, you will love Nordic Lifestyle: Embrace slow living, cultivate happiness and know when to take off your shoes. Discover how you can have Nordicness in your life and embrace the slower life you crave. Cosy up with a candle, warm cup of something and this book. And dream about moving North…... [Read More...]

Free: Fear of Gambling Addiction Recovery

Fear of Gambling Addiction Recovery is a self-help book for compulsive gamblers to gain a new perspective and motivation to overcome their gambling addiction and recover. Although primarily for women, this book will be helpful for anyone who is struggling to overcome their gambling addiction. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Borderline Personality Disorder: How to Talk to Loved Ones About BPD, Reduce Conflict, Manage Their Emotions, and Recover from Emotional Abuse

BPD is a misunderstood and often misdiagnosed condition, and for those who love a person with BPD it can be truly heart-breaking. This book isn’t just to shatter the common misconceptions about BPD, but to give friends or family members hope that it can be manageable with the right guidance. We’re here to help you understand the condition at a deeper level, see it through the eyes of the sufferer, and help you to help them in the most loving and empowering way. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]