Organizing Your Life In A Year Or Less!

3 Books In 1 – Are you overwhelmed with a lot of clutter in your home and inside your mind? That is not the life you dreamt of —Getting an organized life isn’t that complicated! Lifestyle coach and Decluttering expert Kai M. Jordan will guide you through an exciting and unique journey in this series of her best-selling books to take your hand into a step-by-step plan with practical exercises to declutter and organize your life in three main steps (Decluttering Mind –> Dec... [Read More...]

ADHD Toolkit for Women (2 Books in 1): Workbook & Guide to Overcome ADHD Challenges and Win at Life (Women with ADHD 3)

ADHD can be diagnosed at any age in any gender. The most misdiagnosed of all people with ADHD are women and girls. If you are an adult, you may never have even thought that ADHD could be a possibility because you are not physically overactive, but maybe your brain is. This is a 2 in 1 book for Women with ADHD that can serve as your workbook or guide in overcoming ADHD challenges and win at life. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Autism and Your Family Finances

The financial burden of autism is real. Many parents who have an autistic child struggle financially because not only do they have to pay out-of-pocket for more care and services for their child, but studies show they also tend to bring in less income. Yet, parents with autistic children can take control of their money, build wealth and secure their and their child’s future. “Autism and Your Family Finances” provides you with a road map to help you be successful with your money. $... [Read More...]

Airbnb Essentials for Hosts: Your Launchpad to Investing in Property for Passive Income

Whether you’ve got a room, or a property, or just looking to purchase an investment, this book will help you turn your spare housing into a cash-generating machine. We cover everything from how to get started, and marketing, to getting paid. A case study from successful Airbnb business owners is also included. Grab it while it’s on sale! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Wake Up and Say Yes!

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your true self and your life purpose? Do you want to learn how to live with greater awareness and intention? Wake Up and Say Yes: A Practical Guide to Lucid Living and Lucid Dreaming offers you a step-by-step approach to tapping into your innate gifts, skills, and talents, and living a more conscious, fulfilling life. With this guide, you will learn how to: Cultivate mindfulnessAccess inner wisdomBecome a lucid dreamer Gain control over your dreams Unl... [Read More...]

The Shadow Work Series – Embracing the Darkness

The Shadow Work Series, Embracing the Darkness is an incredible resource. In accessible language, these inspiring books will detail what the shadow is, how to recognize it in yourself, how to transform self-denial, and how to utilize your newly-found creative energy in the most expansive and abundant way possible. Buy these books now. Don’t wait. Embracing your shadow is the most potent and powerful work you can ever do if you want to live true to yourself and live true to your purpose. $2.99... [Read More...]

Workplace Safety On A Budget: How to stop and prevent accidents and injuries without sacrificing the bottom line

Are you worried about the safety of your employees at your workplace? Scared that one accident can cost your company money, time, reputation and possible imprisonment? Accidents and injuries in the workplace can be devastating to any business and opens up a can of corporate worms that you need to navigate through. Being a CEO of a successful global safety consulting and outsourcing company called Coyle Group, Gavin has seen it all in his 25 years of experience. A safe workplace can be achieved ... [Read More...]

Supercharge Your Communication Skills: Get Your Point Across, Be a Charismatic People Magnet, and Speak With No Fear

Supercharge Your Communication Skills is the complete guide to catapult your personal and professional relationships to the next level. Learn the subtle art of being likable and forming real connections, have effortless conversations, and overcome self-sabotaging dialogue that leads to awkwardness. Effective communication is the bedrock of human relationships! If we can’t connect with others, we will never get the chance to hit the jackpot in life. Jason Forte pulled himself from the grips of... [Read More...]

Free: Seriously, God? WTF!?!: Your Life Has Hit the Proverbial Brick, Now What? Let Me Teach You How to Reclaim Your Power and Life Balance!

Seriously, God? WTF!?! is an openhearted book for people who have come up against real obstacles in life and need some structure, fortitude, and reassurance to move on in a positive way. We are all vulnerable and subject to feeling shot down in life as part of the human condition. Whether from a diagnosis out of the blue or from the loss of a loved one through death or divorce or from a job loss that can have not only a financial impact but can deliver a blow to our identity, we all have the ne... [Read More...]

Climbing The Corporate Ladder with Speed: How To Begin, Manage, Change and Accelerate Your Career To Executive Management

Looking to kickstart your career, find your dream job and accelerate your career progression, become a Global Industry leader and retire into wealth not a pension? Climbing the Corporate Ladder is the book for you. In this compelling self-help book, Fene Osakwe begins by disabusing the reader’s mind of mentalities that can limit their potential in their corporate pursuits. Next, he shares practical, easy-to-digest knowledge for career growth using interesting stories and examples from his... [Read More...]