The Skies Over Lisandra

Unleash the Magic with “The Skies Over Lisandra”: A Heart-Stopping Epic of Love, Betrayal, and Redemption.

Meet Princess Anastasia Roma, whose life of royal privilege spirals into a vortex of betrayal and despair when she’s forced into a loveless marriage, only to be cruelly snatched away by death’s cold embrace on her wedding day. But death is not the end for Anastasia; it is merely the beginning of her transformation. Reborn as a formidable dragon, she retreats to the solitude of the mountains, guarding her heart and the secrets of the kingdom below.

Isolation shatters with the unexpected arrival of her once baby brother, now a determined warrior with eyes set on the throne usurped by their malevolent uncle Hector. Stirred by ties of blood and the shocking news that her childhood love, Sasha, still lives, Anastasia is thrust into the heart of a rebellion. Alongside Sasha and a mysterious witch, this fearless trio embarks on a quest to overthrow tyranny and restore peace to their fractured homeland.

However, the winds of fate are unpredictable. The appearance of Typhoon, a charismatic dragon with intentions as mysterious as his origins, presents Anastasia with choices that blur the lines between right and wrong, passion and duty. In this tumultuous realm, alliances are fragile, and the quest for power is fraught with peril.

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