Winning the Doctor’s Heart

Winning the Doctor's Heart
She’s tired of rejection. He’s a psychologist who heals broken hearts. Can an unusual arrangement kindle an unforeseen romance?

Looking for lasting love, Andrea wonders if she’ll ever meet the right person. After a series of failed relationships, her confidence wavers until she meets a charming man with captivating eyes and a warm smile. Can she trust the help he offers?
Kent’s profession gives him a unique ability to recognize hurting souls. When he spots a beautiful young woman sitting alone in a diner, her tears compel him discover what’s wrong.

As fate weaves their stories together, Andrea suggests a daring plan – what if they pretend to be in a fake relationship? Kent cautiously agrees to her suggestion to help her improve her social skills. But this arrangement sets off a whirlwind of unexpected emotions, pushing them both to confront their deepest doubts and insecurities.

Can their unconventional pact bridge the gap between their longings and fears, or will it unleash a force they never expected? Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting story of Winning the Doctor’s Heart.
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