Free: Reaching the Rainbow

Reaching the Rainbow

Looly wanted that lollipop but had no clue:

“How can I reach it? What can I do?”

Then Looly heard laughter up in the tree;

Looly saw white birds, not one but three.

“Tweet tweet, don’t be silly, you must know,

That no one can reach the rainbow!”

Looly discovers the rainbow in the sky and wants to reach out. However, all the animals she meets along the way, tell her that it’s impossible. This is a story about determination, and the willpower to find solutions in order to achieve your dream. Throughout the book, Looly also discovers new animals and their unique traits. It’s a book for children that encourages their imagination and think out of the box, helps them using assertive communication, believe in themselves, and build their self-esteem.

Limor Grinberg is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), owns a private clinic. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methods, as well as mindfulness and Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to help clients reframe limiting or negative behaviors. This is her first book, and it is dedicated with love to all the children everywhere, in the hopes that they believe in themselves and their dreams. Free on Kindle.
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