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Mama Said
Do you know the difference between Caterwaulin’ and Cattywampus? Or maybe you’re thinking of Catty-corned? Did you know you can use a spider web on a wound to stop bleeding? Just make sure the spider ain’t still on it. Do you know how to make Buckeyes? If you answered NO to these questions, then you need this book!

So many people are moving to the South every day, and to fit in, or at least understand us, you need to learn how to talk right.
Mama Said is a fun and fascinating look at Southern slang expressions and colloquialisms that make talking to someone in the South amusing and frustrating at the same time. There’s also some good Southern recipes and home remedies. This is a collection of the essential phrases and sayings and, well, just some plain ol’ horse sense to help you fit in.
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