Becoming You: Self-Image, Identity & Reinvention

Becoming You: Self-Image, Identity & Reinvention

Now is your time to become the best YOU possible!

The world needs you to step up, lead and become the change you want to see in the world.
In Becoming You- this book includes personal and professional lessons from entrepreneurs and experts who have faced life’s challenges to create successful and purposeful careers. On the pages of this one-of-a-kind book you will discover:

Real life stories sharing how people segue from merely existing to thriving in both life and business
How to create a positive self image and why “how you see yourself” really matters
Powerful practices to gain clarity to become the person you ultimately want to be
Unique insights to leverage your own life experiences to reinvent yourself going forward
Neuroscience-based techniques to break through limiting beliefs and negativity turning them into triumphs and success as you unleash the next version of yourself.

Every chapter is written by a committed, heart-centered leader who has taken the self-discovery journey to create a better version of themselves both personally and professionally. Through their life stories and impact-driven guidance, this transformational book provides an empowering and inspiring framework for you on your path to becoming YOU.

The Experts

Charla Abbott, Suzette Bravo, Dr. Martine Canal, Cheri Dotterer, Donna Eldridge, Jane Goldie Winn, MSS, Suzaita A. Hipolito, Myleen Obando, Malvina Messler, Marcia Narine Weldon, Lisa Sky, Lynn Robin, Wendi Blum Weiss, Patricia Wooster, Amanda Yoa $1.99 on Kindle.
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