Ladies Man

Ladies Man
Curtis was dangerous, I knew that the first time I saw him, wearing nothing on the beach.
After that day, Curtis would save me, in more ways than one.
Curtis wasn’t the type of man I was attracted to.
He was a playboy through and through, with many exes on the island.
When he offered his home to me, at first I said no.
Then, I realized I had no choice.
Living with him became a huge mistake, one that I would pay for repeatedly.
Not only would I fall for him, but I picked up an enemy that would prove to be near-fatal.
I ran from Curtis and all the feelings and desires he brought out in me.
It wasn’t just that. I had to keep him safe from my own past that threatened our future.
Curtis didn’t stop looking for me. He found me, just in time to save me.
I knew then that what we had was true. I could never walk away again.
Curtis doesn’t know about our secret baby. He doesn’t know my secrets. Now, I wonder if he will forgive me. Will he understand why I had to do it?
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