The Last Harvest – A Secret History of Lucifera, Aliens, The Illuminati & the Fate of Humanity

The Last Harvest - A Secret History of Lucifera, Aliens, The Illuminati & the Fate of Humanity

What if your beliefs about reality were wrong?

The Secret History of Angels, Demons, Aliens and the militarized Culture of Fear in these final days.

Lucien Mars reveals the secret history of humanity contained in an ancient ME stone, or computer crystal, known as a “flaming stone” GirKu chronicle. Included are the galactic wars that led to the Fall described in the bible and why alien cultures such as the Anunnaki and others want to enslave Earth. For the first time the full history of Lucifer and the Fall is revealed, with a stunning conclusion affecting everyone as the fate of humanity hangs in the final balance. Uncover the mystery of the Dark Goddess, Lucifera, mother of the genetic re-creator known as Lucifer, who plays a leading role in this cosmic drama.

The book provides a blistering expose that explains how the Illuminati were genetically related to Lucifer and spawned the socio-fascist New World Order. The contents may shock your conceptions of reality as the final earth-shattering pieces of the cosmic puzzle are being instituted to depopulate the planet and recolonize it with a hybrid race of super humanoids, designed to serve and worship the new World Order.

How will you respond to Humanity’s Eviction Notice Engraved upon the Anonymous Georgia Guidestones?

The Illuminati Plan they have prepared for you is summarized on the monolithic Georgia Guidestones erected in Elbert County anonymously in 1979 in a faux Stonehenge fashion. Engraved on the stones are ten neo-fascist commandments, politically spun into Orwellian “instructions.” More importantly they unveil a fascist plan for eugenic extermination and global genocide.

The first commandment reveals all the rest: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Since the world’s population now stands at 7.8 billion, what shall be done with the expendable 7.3 billion? The alien answer seems the most obvious: First institute species integration, followed by militarized assimilation and final hybridization of 500,000,000 aliens over time and systematically exterminate the rest. That’s The Plan, carved in stone for all to see. So, the question remains: Are they humanity’s guide stones, or tombstones? Find out inside… $2.99 on Kindle.
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