Superstitions and Apparitions (The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, Book 13)

Superstitions and Apparitions (The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, Book 13)

Superstitions? Ghosts? Or a twisted sense of greed? Book 13 of the award-winning The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series.
Madison deCordova has another quirky assignment. This time, a highly superstitious client wants her to spend seven days and seven nights in a newly inherited house to declare it ‘haunt-free.’ With an address like 1313 Omen Lane, he’s not taking any chances. She can bring along her husband, but no black cats allowed.

Madison and Brash soon realize why the job pays so well. On their first night there, a high-pitch scream breaks through the stillness. Rumors of ghosts, haunting folklore, and a family curse swirl.

As if that’s not hair-raising enough, Maddy’s brought along her geriatric sidekicks for the week. With Granny Bert, Miss Sybil, Virgie, and even Wanda Shanks in tow, the shenanigans—and the dangers—are endless.

Is the curse real? Does the ghost of La Llorona really exist? They have seven days and seven nights to separate fact from fiction, and to expose the twisted truth behind the local myths.

Book 13 (nothing spooky about that!) of the best-selling The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series by Becki Willis.

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