Swipe for a Cosmo

Swipe for a Cosmo

I’m not the kind of girl to use dating apps. But after struggling to find love in the real world, I caved and got myself a date. Then I put on my favorite dress, drove to a bar in the middle of nowhere, and then…he didn’t even bother showing up.

Sure, I was disappointed. I was even a little humiliated as I sat there alone, wondering if he’d seen me from afar then decided my true size was more than he could handle. But I wasn’t shocked.

Until the hottest man I’ve ever seen in my life sat opposite me and asked if he could be my date instead.

I might have swiped for a man offering empty promises, but what I got was a gorgeous bartender holding a cosmo in his hand and a good time in his gaze. And I was going to make the most of it…

As with all Megan Wade books, this Whisper Valley romance comes with her Sugar Promise. High heat, low drama, guaranteed. $0.99 on Kindle.

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