Devil In The Details

Devil In The Details

The Book Club meets Hocus Pocus in this Paranormal Women’s Fantasy new release!

Shannon’s coven really ought to have their act together by now. With their magical powers the world should be at their feet.
Nope. The harder they try, the screwier things get.

Shannon tries to amp up her love life and winds up screwing over Mary-Jane’s marriage.

Libby enlists the town’s wildlife to help find Robert the bobcat and in return her entire neighborhood is transformed into some sort of Critter Hotel.

Mary-Jane? Oh boy, oh boy… Now she’s trying to cope with an insanely jealous husband, but he’s also too busy with his new buddy than for her!

And Cynthia feels left out of the three’s shared motherhood. She’s single and he own bio-clock is ticking away.


Are they really this crappy at magic? Are they just a bunch of mid-life broads overreaching? Or is it something else? Or someone else? $1.99 on Kindle.

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