The Characters of Milestoneville

Characters of Milestoneville

The fictional city of Milestoneville is an incredible place to live. There is a lot to do in this city. Milestoneville Beach has cafes overlooking the ocean. The sound of the waves set the mood. Downtown Milestoneville is artsy, with retail stores and great restaurants. Flower Rose owns a used book store; she sells hard-to-find books. JBT and his business partner own a service that specializes in recovering lost valuables and books. They are book hunters. This action-adventure starts when they are hired to track down a lost book that Flower Rose is selling. This book is like watching an action-drama movie. This fascinating novel is a page-turner with clever dialogue. The best way to read this book is to get into character. The storyline will take you on an intriguing adventure into the depths of each character and the circumstances they encounter. There is a unique balance between action, mystery, thriller, and drama in this original story. $9.99 on Kindle
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