Doctor’s Duties

Doctor's Duties

Dreamboat saved me from mortification.
Then he turned out to be my professor.
Our night of ecstasy is one I need to forget.
Except a positive pregnancy test makes it pretty damn impossible.

The man with two titles.
Dr. Frost.
Professor Mc. Hottie.
Gifted surgeon and passionate instructor.
Logan is tall, dark and handsome. All that and a panty-dropping New Zealand accent makes him the most desirable man I know.

I want to ignore him.
Pretend we never met.
But my life is getting out of control.
With parents refusing to pay for my education…
A fake marriage with my baby daddy is looking like my only way out.

I’m desperate for answers.
Is Logan only in it to fulfill his duties?
Or is there more to our connection than our accidental baby? $0.99 on Kindle.

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