Sold To The Hitman

Sold To The Hitman
I’m a merciless killer. And now I’ve got just one last job before I can retire and do what I really want.
The job should be easy.
It should be simple.
Go to a club, find my mark, and shoot.
But when I get there, I spot all the ladies on stage being sold to the highest bidder.
Bright blue eyes gaze at me.
Something primal inside me ignites the longer I stare at her.
I can’t let her get away from me.
I’m mesmerized.
I can tell by the soft look in her eyes that she needs my help.
She needs me to protect her.
She’s mine.
On a snap decision, I place a bid and before I know it I’ve bought her.
But she has a secret.
And I won’t stop until I figure out what it is and claim her as mine.
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