Daddy’s Best Friend

Daddy's Best Friend
Seeing Karen again, I knew I was in trouble.
I’d met her before, a long time ago.
She was a child then.
Not anymore.
My best friend’s daughter was all grown up.
I couldn’t help but notice.

I was invited for dinner.
Douglas, a friend from high school, had me over.
It was his daughter that caught my attention.
She was older now, beautiful.
Karen had a flash of need that didn’t pass as quickly as it came.

She was perfect in my eyes.
Fresh out of the military and I was aching for a real woman.
Long hair, curves for days.
Her bright eyes pulled me in, and her tight body made me want to stay.

I was a much older man though.
She was my best friend’s daughter.
She was too young.
Too innocent.
How I wanted to corrupt her.

I couldn’t say no.
I should have, but when Karen came onto me, my lips wouldn’t work.
When she disappeared and I heard about her pregnancy, I knew that it was our baby.
My baby.
Douglas wouldn’t understand, he couldn’t.
It didn’t matter though.
I couldn’t turn my back on Karen or our baby. $0.99 on Kindle.

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