Free: Awakening: Realm Killer Book 1

— All Hell is about to break loose — Fallen angels, rising demons, traitors, and the rekindling of an ancient war. Mankind’s fate hinges on the resilience of a snarky dark horse. When Chase Ambrose wakes from a year-long coma in a New York hospital, he’s left to piece together the disaster that placed him there . . . but even darker mysteries mark the horizon. The days of his former carefree life will come to a bleak end. Now, Chase must face a destiny brimming with magic, monsters, bur... [Read More...]

The Philosopher’s Guild

The Philosopher’s Guild is a group of young people fighting to defend the city-state of Lothen from threats – such as Hobbes, a devious rogue serial killer; Nietzsche, a powerful warrior with a small army; and Nicky Machiavelli, a too-ambitious wizard in the king’s court. They experience life and its struggles, adventures, and losses in this fantasy novel by schizophrenic novelist Daniel Trump. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Forgotten Colony: Tau Ceti: An Epic Sci-Fi Story in an Immersive Fantasy World

A sci-fi story turned fantasy adventure, Tau Ceti launches the epic journey of the Forgotten Colony series. Twistingly enjoyable, the tale of Kenzo begins on an alien world with a human colony that has forgotten their origins. Arrested for use of modern technology, the odyssey goes spiraling out of control. Our hero must find balance to succeed. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37

“Hot new talent.” —Locus “Exciting and engrossing, with stories that range across the spectrum of SF and fantasy.” —Publisher’s Weekly The Sci-Fi and Fantasy of Tomorrow Selected by Masters of Today From dark fantasy to dystopian nightmare, from magical realism to military science, from paranormal urban fantasy to post-apocalyptic power trips and beyond. Take flight on a starship powered by a godlike being, willing to go to any length to know what it is to be human. Delve into... [Read More...]

To Valhalla

Seeking comfort and ease in many ways is found by reading, where our mind sees the story it uncovers. Reading a novel is one of the various ways to divert our attention toward something cool and tranquil, bringing our imagination to life. To Valhalla is smoothly written, easily rendered, and reader-friendly. It may also be a coming of age tale which will soon to be known as one of the greatest tales ever told. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Sanctum: Forests of Avalon

Avalon was dying… Or at least that was what the dreams said. Charged by Faith and Justice, Knight Wanderer Isolde and the Radiant Priest Tulok must abandon the arid Realm of Setesh and travel across the sea to a land of ancient magics and even stranger customs. A place where the Fae and Morpheum creatures hold court, and the Gods themselves walk alongside mortals! Racing to end the machinations of a rogue Vidria, and the growing corruption of a crazed ancient of untold power, can the knig... [Read More...]

Free: The Mist

The ancient land of Batu is on the verge of extinction. Its villagers have been driven to the top of frozen Mt. Hau to escape the evil shroud that is stealing the souls of their children. Bohai, the teenage shaman, knows his people’s only hope lie with three teenage friends living 1000 years in the future, each one struggling to fit into their modern world. Follow the fantastical journey of Sam, Mackenzie and Lucas as they travel back in time and find within themselves strength and courag... [Read More...]