The Greatest Truth In The Universe: How To Turn Off Your Brain And Listen To God

There are many people who are walking around today with no sense of direction or purpose. Sure, they get up every morning, but they are just going through the motions of life. Some may even seem like they are the life of the party but sadly they always go home alone to a house that will never really be their home. I know, I was once one of them. Have you ever found yourself walking down the street like a homeless person saying, “ladadeeladeeda”? Can I share a statistic with you? One of out ... [Read More...]

Please All Rise!

The wisdom we were able to cultivate in our minds and the love we were able to express with our hearts, are the only true ‘pearls’ you will be able to show upon arrival in the afterlife. With each choice, our free will designs our life, as the architect of our current life, and the builder of our future conditions. But only a wise ‘architect’ that truly knows his own nature, will be able to make the right choices. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT: The Measure of Christian Maturity

The Fruit of the Spirit: The Measure of Christian Maturity, written by Andy Ripley, is a profound guidebook that explores the ways in which Christians can develop and showcase their spiritual maturity. Throughout the ages, Christians have been encouraged to grow in their faith and to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit as a means of demonstrating their love for God and others. This book provides practical, actionable advice on how to develop these attributes. Ripley delves into each of the nine ... [Read More...]

Broken in Yellowstone

A broken body. An unbreakable faith. The last thing a teenager wants is to wake up in a hospital room and discover he’s paralyzed. That’s Alvin’s life after being struck by a motorhome in Yellowstone National Park. After three months of intense rehab, he manages to regain his strength and mobility and returns to school. But with every step forward, he’s met with new challenges and setbacks, including failing to regain his athletic skills. How is he to fit in with his body’s new li... [Read More...]

The Contentment Dilemma: Examining Life’s Mysteries and Purposes

The Contentment Dilemma provides the roadmap to understanding and addressing all the confusion and suffering that you and those in your life might be facing. If you are ready to find true fulfillment and triumph over the challenges in life, this one’s for you! Are you wondering if it is possible to know the truth about life’s mysteries? Do you desire lasting contentment? This book provides the tools you need to take control of your life and find the hope and purpose you are looking for!... [Read More...]

The Needs Of The Heart

Aspiring author Phillip Anderson, author of The Needs of the Heart, provides deep insight into the human emotional spectrum as well as giving deep introspective insight into the emotions and principles he believes people of all races, religions, ethnicities, and demographic backgrounds need to not only make themselves better people, but the world a better place. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Sacred Flow

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to honor and respect your sensuality. Consciously use your senses to understand the world around and within you. Release past shame or guilt from your body and heal. Forgive yourself for having shared your physical temple with strangers. Bathe in the power of your creative and life-birthing center. Allow the free expression of body movement in the form of dance. Be like the element of water which adjusts and accepts without seeking to control. Fai... [Read More...]

The Pilgrim’s Progress for the 21st Century

In this modern adaptation of John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” Christian Pilgrim drives a high-end SUV with his wife and three teenage children toward Celestial City and the promise of relief from the burden of their sins. As with Bunyan’s original, Pilgrim recognizes his sins and those of his family. He realizes it’s time to hit the road because they all need to learn, experience, and come to see the power and wisdom of God. Christian, his wife, and their children str... [Read More...]

Living Life the Biblical Way

Uncover the transformative power of faith, God’s will, and Christian living in “Living Life the Biblical Way” by Mathew Thomas. This enlightening book challenges common misconceptions about faith, emphasizing its selfless nature as a giving to God. Drawing inspiration from real-life examples, from soldiers to entrepreneurs, the author reveals how faith demands surrender and sacrifice. By connecting faith to God’s will, readers gain invaluable insights into fulfilling the... [Read More...]