How to Teach Kids to be Kind to Gay People

A concise step-by step instructional handbook for busy parents who want to encourage kindness toward gay people. Learn how to answer common LGBTQ questions, select appropriate household media, and teach kids be an LGBTQ ally. All content is intentionally succinct to help busy parents find answers quickly. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Secrets to Parenting Without Giving a F^ck

Love your kids but hate the way they behave? Learn 20+ years of transformative strategies for quick, positive behavioral shifts from any child. Discover how small, preemptive changes and parenting in advance will turn your home peaceful within days. This no-nonsense book covers ages 2-20 and all subjects in between using humor and wisdom. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

How To Leave

Still Whole In my family, showing one’s emotions was considered to be a flaw. Flagrantly raw, I was willing to bear their pompous, parental scorn so as to remain true to that which drove me, relentless, inherent, untorn. – Neela Arnaud FROM THE AUTHOR: This book of poems bears witness to my journey of learning to leave toxic people and situations as I progressed in my recovery and healing from toxic family abuse, narcissistic partner abuse. It is also a book that reflects my growing abi... [Read More...]

There is Always Room For One More

As parents to four children, there were always extra children visiting our house while our children were growing up. Our house was filled with love and compassion. As the children grew and became adults, I missed the sound of laughter and enthusiasm in the house. After reading an article in the paper about a foster care agency petitioning for help, I knew that Aaron and I could fill that need. The year was 1994. Over a twenty-five-year period, more than 100 children graced our homes. This compi... [Read More...]

Free: ADHD Raising an Explosive Child With a Fast Mind.: With Strategies for Emotional Control and Positive Parenting to Make Your Child Feel Loved.

ADHD doesn’t have to be a burden – make the best of it and control your child’s sudden outbursts. Do you suspect that ADHD is behind your child’s Impulsiveness and hyperactivity? Do you want to help your child control their ADHD symptoms but you don’t know where to get the information you need? Are you frustrated by ADHD-related resources that just go into the science of ADHD without giving any actionable advice? What you need are practical strategies that can really turn the tides of... [Read More...]

Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions: Self-Recovery Guide to Heal the Love-Hate Relationship between Mothers and Daughters, and How to Protect our Daughters from Emotional Legacy

“Mother is Mother, Daughter is Daughter” – A self-recovery guide for all mothers and daughters by a psychoanalytic expert – How mothers can reclaim their lives as an independent women and human beings Why do mothers turn more to their daughters than sons when feeling upset or distressed? Why do mothers look upon their happily married daughters with not just pride but a hint of jealousy? Why do daughters, when thinking about their mothers, feel gratitude as well as guilt and rese... [Read More...]

Built for This: A Guide to Tackling New Dads’ Top 16 Concerns About Pregnancy, Childbirth & Becoming a Father

“We’re Pregnant!” can either be the most exciting or the most terrifying words in the English language. For many men, they end up being both. Are you a new or expecting dad whose top priority is being the best father you can be, but you’re not really certain what that looks like? Do you wonder what will happen during delivery and how you can prepare ahead of time? Are you asking yourself how you’re going to pay the hospital bills and provide for your growing family? You may ev... [Read More...]

Unplug Your Robot: The Secret to Lasting Happiness

Are you fired up in the morning, ready to jump out of bed and embrace the day with enthusiasm? Do you feel a sense of daily excitement? Of purpose? Or are you wondering right now if those things are even possible? They are. All that is required is to unplug your robot. The robot is the part of you that wakes up at the same time and eats the same breakfast day after day. It’s the part of you that considers busyness, competition, scarcity, anxiety, and fear as a normal part of life. Life is abo... [Read More...]

Free: ADHD Raising an Explosive Child

Have you ever wondered why home feels like a stress zone? Have you ever wished for help with the fights, the tears, and the excessive explosions in the home? For a lot of people, this chaos is caused by ADHD in their homes. When ADHD is left unmanaged, everything feels like a trigger for a tantrum. But what can be done? Throughout this book, we are going to cover a lot of ground that you may or may not already be intimately familiar with. ADHD affects each individual differently, and every fami... [Read More...]

Will You Shut Up…Please?

“Will you shut up!” you scream at your child who won’t stop screaming at bedtime. Then, you remember the manners you are trying to teach, and ask, “Please?” When it comes to parenting, there are thousands of ideas from all different types of people on how to do it ‘right.’ When we find one we like, it’s important to learn as much as we possibly can so we can do our best to raise happy, healthy, competent children who have strong and healthy relationships with their caregivers. T... [Read More...]