The Inner World of Men: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men

Delve into His Depths: A Journey to the Heart of Masculinity Imagine holding in your hands a roadmap that guides you through the often misunderstood terrain of the male psyche. “The Inner World of Men: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men” is that guide, a compelling resource filled with insights that bring you closer to truly grasping what makes men tick. Designed for women who seek a deeper connection with the men in their lives, this book is a beacon of understanding in the... [Read More...]

Separated Not Divorced

Separation can be a challenging and confusing time, filled with uncertainty and pain. But it can also be an opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation. In Separated not Divorced, you’ll learn how to navigate the ups and downs of separation with grace, wisdom, and purpose. This comprehensive guide offers practical strategies and insights for navigating the complex emotions and practical challenges. From coping with the initial shock and grief to creating a new life for yourself, t... [Read More...]

Wisest Learners (Parent Edition): Unlock the Secrets to Your Child’s Academic Success

Unlock the secrets to raising brilliant minds! Lay the foundation for your child’s academic success with “Wisest Learners (Parent Edition): Unlock the Secrets to Your Child’s Academic Success.” Dr. Wallace Panlilio and Dr. Artyom Zinchenko, educators with PhDs in Educational Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, have crafted a modern and practical guidebook for both new and seasoned parents, providing invaluable insights and strategies to nurture inquisitive, motivated, and... [Read More...]

Free: Fight Flex Flight™: A Faith-Based Strategy Guide for Parents Concerned about Their Child and Public School

Embrace a proactive, faith-based approach that will ensure your child has a bright educational future—even if you don’t have the budget for an expensive private school. Is the thought of sending your child to a big public school keeping you up at night? Are you considering ditching the public school system and opting for a school that aligns with your values and faith? Do you dream of dropping off your child at school and knowing they will be in a safe, loving environment—one that recogni... [Read More...]

Prayerful Warrior Mom: Embracing Faith through the Storms of Your Child’s Congenital Heart Journey

You will discover the unwavering strength of faith through the storms of your child’s congenital heart disease. Release the shackles of guilt and embrace the liberating power of forgiveness. Empower yourself to set healthy boundaries and focus on what you can control. Unlock the power of faith to overcome life’s greatest obstacles and discover how to turn your burdens over to God in Prayerful Warrior Mom. In this inspiring story of faith and resilience, Tracy Ripley takes you throug... [Read More...]

A Woman’s Guide to Improving the Relationship with Her Man: The Bumblebee Edition

Don’t settle for anything less than a fulfilling and extraordinary relationship. This book is your essential guide to your own happily-ever-after. Discover the secrets to a fulfilling and harmonious relationship in A Woman’s Guide to Improving the Relationship with her Man. Join Kenneth as he recounts his story with Bumblebee, a woman who captured his heart. Their marriage was a testament to the transformative power of love as they navigate the joys and challenges along the way toge... [Read More...]

First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Easy Handbook

Hearing the news that your partner is pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of any man’s life. It signals the start of a new chapter of your life, one filled with love, adventure, and purpose. With the right tips and guidance behind you, you can become the best possible pregnancy partner, tackle anything that is thrown at you, and develop a special bond with your unborn child. That’s what drove me to write First Time Dads Pregnancy Easy Handbook for men just like you. Here, y... [Read More...]

Challenging The Story: A Surprisingly Simple Approach to Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviours

Supporting kids with challenging behaviours can be difficult but change the narrative, and you may be surprised. Most children will behave in challenging ways at some point, but persistent and difficult-to-deal-with behaviours can have a negative impact on relationships and learning. Written as an educational fable, real life examples are seamlessly woven into the storyline, making the learning fun and engaging for parents, teachers and professional alike. For educators, health professionals an... [Read More...]

Go and Live

Are you ready to Go and Live? This is a heartfelt book that mainly focuses on familial love. This story provides a glimpse of how enduring a mother’s love is and how it influences the child to grow into a strong person that can withstand the challenges in life. Join Supriya Singh as she recounts real life experiences that foster her relationship with her mother and appreciate her mother’s heritage. Go and Live is not your ordinary mother and daughter story. This is a story that depicts the ... [Read More...]