The American Patriot Series

The American Patriot Series sweeps readers into a tumultuous world of revolution. Beginning in April 1775, Daughter of Liberty sets in motion the thrilling saga that follows Elizabeth Howard and Jonathan Carleton as they face the devastation and triumphs of war—from the American colonists’ first armed confrontation with the British, to the spreading inferno along the frontiers of Indian territory, through the battles raging in the Middle and Southern colonies and on the high seas, and at la... [Read More...]

Before I Wake (Travels Across Time, Book 1)

Historical novelist Magdalena Moore is haunted by the black-haired, black-eyed knight she first encountered during a past life regression. Across decades, Magdalena searches for the truth about Ranulf Navarre and his Lady Jane. Is Magdalena the reincarnation of Lady Jane? Who is Ranulf Navarre, the knight who has so long haunted her—Magdalena’s once beloved or a figment of her writer’s imagination? At Tintagel Castle, Magdalena is miraculously transported to thirteenth-century England, wh... [Read More...]

Free: A Lady’s First Scandal

Four years ago, Lady Cecelia Campbell fell head over heels in love with Lord Rupert Marlowe, the young Earl of Stanhope. But then Rupert took up a commission as an officer in the army and left England. Now Rupert has returned, but will he get a second chance to woo and win Cecelia, now that she has become a strong and independent woman? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


In the 1870s Brandon Wade is driving a herd of longhorns over the Chisholm Trail when a youth appears out of nowhere riding a magnificent black stallion and packing a deadly looking six-gun. In need of trail hands, Brandon hires the young man. Not until weeks later, during the middle of a terrible stampede, does Brandon learn that his young sharpshooter is a beautiful woman. A woman full of fire and passion who he burns to possess. A woman steeped in mystery who refuses to disclose her past. Al... [Read More...]

Free: Trapped with the Duke

Collette Jones, the illegitimate daughter of a baron, is determined to become a respectable teacher. The Duke of Bedwell isn’t interested in respectable teachers. He’s interested in being proper—in fulfilling his duties to his title. So what is Bedwell to do when honor demands he shows more than a little interest in one of them? Marry her? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]