The Man from Tuskegee

Shot down behind enemy lines in Northern Italy, Tuskegee Airman Bob Dale is fighting for survival when a nun and partisan lead him to safety at an orphanage. He arrives just as Nazi SS troops are closing in on seven little Jewish children hidden there. Now Bob’s fight takes on a mission larger than his own life–these children must be saved! This gripping WW2 historical thriller is captivating readers: “I couldn’t put it down”…”inspiring”…... [Read More...]

Memories of Then

Set in Sydney, Australia, Memories of Then dances between present day and the summer of ’64, when Elijah Samuels and Audrey Hughes met and fell in love. Decades later, troubled Elijah is informed that Audrey is in a coma, her health declining. He visits her in palliative care, determined to pay his respects and say a final goodbye to a life, love and time he once knew. However, Audrey’s family prove less than welcoming to this cantankerous, blunt stranger. Tensions rise when his pre... [Read More...]

The Cookie Cutter Legacy

From the time of Queen Elizabeth I, a woman in each generation of the Van Demere family has added a cookie cutter to the collection, and Henrietta has a bounden duty to pass along the stories. Each cookie cutter’s vignette tells a story of American history, including WWII spies and the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and Underground Railroad, indentured servitude, pioneers crossing the plains and the gold rush, barnstormers and orphan trains, safari and the Titanic, testaments of faith and s... [Read More...]

Free: The Legend Is Born

This faraway, pre-contact story begins with Helkena, a young, still untattooed girl enduring a typhoon crashing over the only island she has ever known. Her home is Wotto, one of the dry, windswept atolls of the northern Marshall Islands. The newborn infant Lainjin has just been entrusted to her care by his mother, who has sailed her fleet of proas into the open ocean to save them from certain destruction. Helkena, having barely survived the storm, must now travel to Namdik, a wet atoll in the ... [Read More...]

Heirs of the Tide

Journey to the Holy Land at the dawn of the Renaissance for a thrilling adventure tale. When their father is abducted by a vicious crime lord, Yonatan and Aaron Déulocresca embark on an odyssey to retrieve a lost cache of family assets to pay the ransom. With the help of a fearless crew of Sephardic corsairs seeking justice against the Spanish Inquisition, they navigate treacherous waters in epic tale of courage, loyalty, and family bonds. Heirs of the Tide is the second book in the Lost Tales... [Read More...]

The Emerald Necklace

Rosalee Linoff seeks to return to her art after her husband’s death. Insecurity plagues her when she meets her new neighbor, best-selling author Fran Barish. A spiral of mutual envy ensues, intensified by Fran’s secret fascination with Rosalee’s granddaughter’s emerald necklace. As tensions escalate, Rosalee faces a dilemma when her granddaughter’s convictions are tested. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Healer’s Miraculous Discovery

Thirteen-year-old Stevie Katz likes to spend his days working in the family’s store with his dad when he’s not in school. As he’s stocking shelves, he finds a mysterious object hidden in an unlikely place. He soon finds out that the object gives him the ability to heal the sick and wounded. Soon, his special powers lead him to see himself as an all-knowing, all-powerful being, and his ego leads him down a path of destruction. Set in Cleveland in the ’60s, this thought-pr... [Read More...]

Blue Billy’s Rogue Lexicon

William Dempsey was a wonder among wonders. By 18, he had risen from a gang of London street rogues to be the personal plaything of the Marquess of Argyll. Maintained in splendour, celebrated at masquerades – with everything he could wish for. Now all has come crashing down. He is put out in the rain without patronage, his West End apartment, or a place among the ton. So on a stormy night, he arrives at a house in Southwark. Marathon Moll’s in the Mint – the bawdyhouse he worked in during... [Read More...]

To Dream of Shadows

Inspired by a previously untold true story, “To Dream Of Shadows” is an epic tale of compassion, sacrifice, and the strength of the human spirit set during history’s darkest hour. Ideal for fans of “The Tattooist of Auschwitz”, “The Choice”, “The Nightingale”, and “Schindler’s List”. Discover one of the most heartwarming, heartbreaking, and heroic tales of the Holocaust. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]