A Model Wife (Sexy Catfight Stories)

There’s no such thing as a marriage made in heaven. Julia, a former runway model grappling with the onset of middle age, is learning this truth the hard way. When Julia suspects that her husband may be having an affair, she makes it her mission to discover the identity of the homewrecking mystery woman. This scintillating tale of sex, betrayal, and erotic action is sure to excite fans of feisty female combat! $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Forbidden Billionaire Boss: Age-Gap/Enemies to Lovers Romance

An awkward situation. check. A grumpy bosshole. check. Was the awkward situation with the bosshole? Embarrassingly, yes. But that was years ago. Now, as a recent college graduate, I find myself in an interview for my very first job, only to discover that the harsh stranger from the past is now my new boss. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Horse List

She wants a partner for a sensual journey. He wants a wife. Will a naughty list of wishes give them both what they want? As her ex-husband stalks her, Ava Black counts the days until she moves to her hometown. But, she must complete her secret list of desires before she leaves town or she may never have another opportunity. Steamy billionaire Eric North could be the perfect partner, but she’d have to trust him to protect her in and out of the bedroom. And he’d need to share her for one titi... [Read More...]

SEALed with a Kiss

WANTED: Three Scorching Hot SEALs seeking ONE special lady to satisfy our UNIQUE lifestyle. As I gawk at the photo of three ripped GQ models in my inbox, I wonder whether I should kiss my friends or whack them over their heads for setting me up on a fake dating profile. I should delete the email and get back to my business… But my curiosity simply won’t have it. Fast forward and I find myself sitting face to face with the most gorgeous and sinful trio. They’re even hotter than their photo... [Read More...]

Kiss of Power: Darby Crime Family (Mayhem Makers – MMM)

Ellis Darby has settled in as boss of the Family, and with that title comes power. Power to do what he wants. Power to take what he desires. And what he desires is an heir from Arabella Bartel. Unconcerned that the fiery young woman hates him and tells him so at every turn, he will collect what he craves. A plan is devised. An agreement is signed. The boss’s plans are falling into place; his legacy is all but confirmed. Then danger steals in with an unexpected kiss. Arabella and Ellis have ev... [Read More...]

Sexual Fantasy Captions

A collection of over 100 sexual fantasies accompanied with AI generated pictures of stunningly life-like beautiful busty women. The stories are written from a man’s, a woman’s or from a gender neutral perspective. Fantasies include but are not limited to nuns, nurses, stepfantasy, bimbos, milfs, vampires and domination. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]